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Stupid software won't let you edit a preview before posting *grumble*

This is my second Blogger account. They have made my first one inaccessible to me since I no lnoger have an AOHades account and can therefore not access any email sent to it.

There is apparently no way to preview a post AND KEEP IT IF YOU NEED TO RECISE IT BEFORE POSTING.

I decided to work on TLGM and leave SW on the back burner for a bit lnoger. I'm down to one VPC anyway, though I have done a second synopsis for one character and plan to do another for a helper character for the main VPC in case I need to add more to bring the book up to snuff (and to a viable word count). The story has changed a lot since its initial inception, but at least its condensed rather than expanded, so it's not the gargantua that SW has become since 1993. It's a bit older than SW too, by about a decade (rather than a decade ant--I know, my bad, couldn't resist), so it's a marvel that the thing shrank. I suppose that I left it in the dryer far too long.



Blogger Liz said...

Great. It posted me as early in the morning (well, close to 10AM) and it's actually now 1:11 in the afternoon (and I only started this log a few moments ago). Just telling you folks that it's about three hours behind my time.

1:12 PM  
Blogger Liz said...

Well, two more Xanth books arrived from I'm catching up on loys of reading (thanks to my sister Rose, who bought me a 6-month trial membership). Unfortunately, Terror wants to read THE LAST UNICORN and they do not have it. I did put it on the NetFlix queue so she will at least be able to watch the animated movie. Now, if I can only get her to watch MONTY PYTHON AND THE HOLY GRAIL so that I can return it and pave the way for the next movie on the queue.

I just started a third outline for the other minor character's story. It's nice to have material to fall back on when I start tunning out of steam again--all the outlines are interrelated and it's a secondary (supporting) [;pt, like Arcadia's.

At least so far, the blob--rr, blog--still seems t obe working. I thought I would check that before settling down for a nap. Yes, I know it's ony around 5 in the eveming, I'm jsut a bit too sleepy/ ;-)

Weather report: It looks much like Halloween weaher outside, cool, damp, dark, dank, gloomy, fun. I put the ceramic skull that Terror made for me when she was in fourth grade on the kitchen table by the window. I put some reusable plastic Halloween appliqu├Ęs in the window too, Teddy Vampires, witches and stuff. I have one of those little stuffed animals with the suction cup on it that's supposed to lurk in the window on the table too. It's a mask-wearing, caped teddy bear with a trick or treat bag. It's very cute but those things never hang in the window very long for me.Que sera.

With Halloween coming up, of course I would think of some stories. LESSONS is about ready for submission, even if I never did get that final crit for the revised material. If Vampire Dan's is still a viable market I may send it there, since they don't necessarily fo for the 'Goody Two Shoes' ending. I mean, it is about a curse and the person who suffers under that curse; and it's also about the final lesson that a person learns in thteir life. It's horror, it's supposed ot be dark, dank andgloomy. I might revise it a bit more to spell things out for the reader. No, not completely, but readers nowadays seem to like less left to the imagination, even as you leave enough cracks for them to fill in the worstest parts.

I preferred writing comical little horror and fantasy stories. they were much more fun to play with; but at least according to a lot of my reviwers, who don't expect stories to entertain on more than the so-called 'epic' or other fantasy level... heck, I'd be in trouble if I'd been the one to invent Freddy Kruger (Robert Englund is a doll, isn't he? Smoehow, I can't watch The Nightmare on Elm Street movies without thinking of Willy from 'V'--but that's a good thing, since otherwise, wisecracks aside nad being a parent myself, I'd hate the movies). I liked movies 1, 3 and 4. 5 had its moments, but 2 really bit, IMO. Kind of like Halloween III, except that Freddie was actually in the movie and Janon wasn't in the other one.

If the Ngihtmare on Elm Street series had gone a different direction, I might have developed an appreciation for movie 2, but I just couldn't ssee Freddie trying ot take over the body of an adolescent, even if parts of the movie were pretty good. After all, the guy with the claws had all these nifty abilities in the dream realm, not to mention the wisecracks came fast and furious. I cannot see how any self-respecting vengeful spirit would give up that good afterlife in favor of *shudder* Reliving Teenage Angst. Really.

5:30 PM  
Blogger Liz said...

All right, how do I readjust the baka time zone on this blogger thing? It's reading what, still 9 or 10 Am ther and it's 5:thirty something PM here, Is the clock stopped on the site or what?


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