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Blogger: A Work In Progress.

It's no fun, being this sick.

It's no fun when you barely have the energy to get up in the morning, much less write a book, when your entire life seems to crash before your eyes.

Between the COPD and the red tape, it's a wonder I scraped together the energy for this one. I've resorted to playing Facebook games, if only to keep myself doing...something. Actually, they are games on Facebook. Two of them actually belong to Zynga. They desperately need another medium beside Flash, though, which constantly crashes and has several security holes..

Farmville 2, unlike Farmville, you can actually play, without spending real money on the game play. Game progression is not dependent on cash outlay. The same pretty much applies to Castleville. Both would be reasonable enough games, if it was not for the constant crashing of the flash program.

I have committed to Camp NaNoWriMo. Hopefully, I will surpass the 103 words I have written.


Chaos Reigns Supreme.....


I had so many good intentions for blogging, this year especially.

Being sick does not help.



Guardians of the Written Word

That's only a default title, and not necessarily the subject of this post.

Or is it?

There has been a rash of spam comments to my blogger blogs, most notably, LinksAPlenty, which I've dedicated to bookmarks on the craft of writing. What the spambot has failed to register is, I moderate all  comments  I'm not going to let a comment on luggage be posted under, say, characterization, and not on the blog at all, fro that matter. I'm not posting to sell stuff, necessarily. I'm not even selling myself on these posts.

I don't need to sell myself, though, do I? I mean, if you read this, then you've sought me out, whatever your reason.

I refuse to turn off comments. Sometimes, I may get a good and/or amusing comment. This has tuned out to be the only place I have blogs that need moderation of commentary, The one or two I've had on LJ, I've pretty much just deleted, and the phenomenon has not repeated itself. I cannot tell you how frequently I've marked comments to these blogs in general ,and LinksAPlenty in particular, as spam. Has the phenomenon of spam shown an increase in recent years, or have I only  run afoul of spammetry?


Google Chrome

It is not my default browser. That honor still belongs to FireFox. I have, however, caved, and downloaded to try, Google Chrome.

There are several factors to that decision, not the least of which is support. Also, when FireFox really starts lagging and crashing on me, willy-nilly, that is my reason for deciding to try something new. And also, apparently, Google has insidiously intertwined itself with everything on the Internet, therefore forming a monopoly.

I fel like this is the end of an era. Rather that the entrepreneurial enterprises that began small, with a idea and burgeoning technological expertise on teh fringe, everything's become too damn mainstream.

Where will this leave the fringe?


Wikipedia entry on horse, for reference.

"What Do You Call A....."



Baboons Recognise Words on a Screen


'Tis the Season

Too bad Aeris is so skittish. Otherwise, I probably would take my neighbor's cat for a while - but I'd probably never be able to find a home for it, and I need to keep The Felnie Wonder happy. She got $25 from me to take the cab to Social Services and she had to go into emergency housing.

Happy Christmas. :p