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Revised Layout Sequence

Writer's Tarot Spread Thing Redux
          I found the spread altering while I did it - not the layout, but the way that the cards wanted to be drawn. I changed the numbers on the sequence to represent what happened while I read the cards.
          I started with the antagonist only because that's the initiator or aggressor in the scene. It may or may not be your viewpoint character in a given interaction.
          I am using the readings right now to go over what has been previously written, the original opening for the book (that turned into plans for four or five books when I wasn't paying attention - just my luck * sigh * ). I had worked it as a stand-alone short story, but it was originally intended as the first chapter of the novel. It will still be in one of them (although since I do plan to edit the books together into one complete book when they are all done it might not be, considering the story now starts at an earlier point in time.
          Arwen mentioned that she uses a writer's layout at least ten times before accepting it into her arsenal. I am doing the scene readings now (it takes a lot out of me so I end up taking frequent breaks; but I do want to get them all done to a specific point in what I have written. The reading for the opening scene did point out where it could be strengthened so in the middle of all this I'm letting it fester - err, stew for a bit until it's ready (and the initial readings are done) while I meditate of the sequence of events.


April Fools

TLGM [Pahil]
27049 / 50,000

TLGM [Luk]
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Grr, now I don't know how to get rid of the straight .html writing thing. I prefer to write my own. Well, maybe when Terror returns to school next week...

Between the Tarot for Writers thing (I've been using that) and coming up with my own reading for personal interactions, I've been having laods of fun. That's why I haven't updated my blog for awhile, because I've been busy: also, lj'sbeen a lot more fun with its flsit and all. we seem to have a virtual burgeoning writer's colony there, courtesy of the April Fools monthly writing thing. I'm all signed for MayNoWriMo now (it's a NaNoWriMo thing so it you didn't do NaNo, well...)