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Boy, has it been awhile. I spend little time online because my daughter's been on disability leave,and she's a computer hog.

I have the time line for my latest project about a third of the way done. I had to switch back to Swain's World (Don't complain! That's the working title! Honest!) from TLGM because, though I've spent the past two years on the latter, it needs more perc time. See, research (what you need to do of it for fantasy, esp. using RW critters) is one thing, but keeping the sequence in order is quite another one altogether.
Sequence, or the time line, is what I'm working on right now for SW. I'd already constructed the basic genealogies, and the time line that I'm working and reworking now (noticing glaring inconsistencies) is half-way based upon those; although it hit me that I'd do better to switch it to reverse chronological order, at least at first. Luckily, that's all still in the drafting stages. I will commit the final working version to a notebook (not a loose leaf, and it's college ruled). I'll try, of course, to leave enough room for later additions, if necessary.
I will be glad, though, when the wireless network is back on-line, so I can check my email on my own timr instead ofd someone else's...

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