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...It Actually Worked, I Don't Believe It!

Greetings, Earthian. Apparently, after a prolonged keyboard battle, Blogger let me here ot post at long, long last. After a mighty and prolonged prosaic battle, noe in which the web browser indeed refused to browse or even to peeek, at least a teeny, tiny bit behind the typeface curtain, it has at last permitted me access to my Blogger account.

For that matter, it too me so lnog to get here to post something that I have quite forgotten what it was that I was going to say in the first palce--typical. o0;;



How To Write A Novel in 100 Days or Less

How To Write A Novel in 100 Days or Less

     Since NaNoWriMo's coming up I thought this site might prove useful. I think that you can manage to cover this material three days as a time. It starts out very slow, thinking about the novel.
     Hey, it's a start. *grin*
     My main computer is on the fritz. I have a short story to write for the OWW challenge for November. Boy, am I glad I have an ancient yet working notebook to fall back on LOL. I might not be able to get batteries for it but WP5.1 will let me save text files to ffloppies.
     I hpe my ex can help fix my 'puter. That involves removing the warped floppy, of course. Hmm, I wonder, if I insert a nonmetal object and shift the postioning, can I get it to come out? I have a Severus Snape desktop and I like looking at it LOL. (It's from a site called the HP Lexicon. Straight pen and ink but I wasted some time coloring it in LOL).
     Since it's all writing online I'll try NaNoBlogMo next year. There's no guarantee I'd be able to blog every day anyway, although the idea of writing onlnie and committing to daily posts isn't a new on for me.
     Which reminds me, I had better go see where I can sign up for NaNoWriMo. ;-)


The software refuses to accept my profile. I guess it just hates my ugly mug LOL.

It's 12:38, thirty-eight mniutes past midnight. I had always thought the witching hour referred to midnight but I recently read something somewhere that mentioned it at 3 AM and not at midnight. I cannot vouch for the veracity of this but if I get the chance I will look further into the matter.

Good night, and bless├Ęd be.


My poor computer.....

Poor, unfortunate soul. I had my floppy, a 3.5", in the computer. The screen--well, the error message, not a completely blue screen, just blue enough with the white print that...

Hem hem. Well, to shorten the novel, I had to reboot. However, I tried (and failed!) to remove the floppy from the drive. Presumably the floppy is no longer usable. I had saved synopses, outlines, and the story to date on it. I'm glad I printed out the synopses and outlines. The only unsalvageable from the floppy thing is the revised text of what I'm working on, but at least it wasn't changed so much from the version resident on my hard drive. Oh, and there were notes on the floppy relating to the writing of synopses and outlines too, but those are replaceable (though not on my hard drive).

I'm seriously debating NaNoBlogMo. It sounds like fun and I might actually be ready to participate this year and not 'fowl' things up (I don't have to chicken out LOL).

At least, the thought I put into the novel may well pay off this year and I might actually get the book done. It's a trial run for the series I'm working on (which is basically a plan for a quintet of trilogies with a few singles thrown in for good measure, but we'll see). Better to finish the one in preparation, it will be the second book I've ever written (the first by default was fanfic, but it has all original characters (pretty much, except for the ones my ex contributed to the story by default). It was a SB/Yamato piece called Wind Riders of Hoth (I hadn't even remembered until much later, I knew the 'Hoth' part had come from somewhere, but hadn't realized it was Star Wars LOL). I wish I could get all of it together, regathering, typing notes and everything takes a lot out of someone who can't type worth a darn (I suppose there's little danger of typecasting then, though die-casting may be an entire, separate matter).


The Treacle Mining Community

The Treacle mine is a Yahoo group where we're just organizing the social order. It's going to be an interactive fiction. It transpires in a treacle mining community. The whole thing sprang from a discussion of unionization and strikes and the like, treacle elves subbing for treacle dwarves in the mines, stuff like that. It started on the OWW SFF Chat list and just went on from there.

This bit is just added for an hypntic effect. Someone old me that it was an hypnotic type effect anyway, so.....

that is, assuming it works. ;-)

I suppose that writing online presents its own problems. *sigh*

Random Question:

Whoops! Your tongue is now a magnet. Whatever will you use for silverware?

Ah, how can you se anything for silverware if stuff's stuck to your tongue? That's pretty darn awkward. It's good that I have a bento set (ceramic) to fall back on LOL.

Stupid software won't let you edit a preview before posting *grumble*

This is my second Blogger account. They have made my first one inaccessible to me since I no lnoger have an AOHades account and can therefore not access any email sent to it.

There is apparently no way to preview a post AND KEEP IT IF YOU NEED TO RECISE IT BEFORE POSTING.

I decided to work on TLGM and leave SW on the back burner for a bit lnoger. I'm down to one VPC anyway, though I have done a second synopsis for one character and plan to do another for a helper character for the main VPC in case I need to add more to bring the book up to snuff (and to a viable word count). The story has changed a lot since its initial inception, but at least its condensed rather than expanded, so it's not the gargantua that SW has become since 1993. It's a bit older than SW too, by about a decade (rather than a decade ant--I know, my bad, couldn't resist), so it's a marvel that the thing shrank. I suppose that I left it in the dryer far too long.