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How To Write A Novel in 100 Days or Less

How To Write A Novel in 100 Days or Less

     Since NaNoWriMo's coming up I thought this site might prove useful. I think that you can manage to cover this material three days as a time. It starts out very slow, thinking about the novel.
     Hey, it's a start. *grin*
     My main computer is on the fritz. I have a short story to write for the OWW challenge for November. Boy, am I glad I have an ancient yet working notebook to fall back on LOL. I might not be able to get batteries for it but WP5.1 will let me save text files to ffloppies.
     I hpe my ex can help fix my 'puter. That involves removing the warped floppy, of course. Hmm, I wonder, if I insert a nonmetal object and shift the postioning, can I get it to come out? I have a Severus Snape desktop and I like looking at it LOL. (It's from a site called the HP Lexicon. Straight pen and ink but I wasted some time coloring it in LOL).
     Since it's all writing online I'll try NaNoBlogMo next year. There's no guarantee I'd be able to blog every day anyway, although the idea of writing onlnie and committing to daily posts isn't a new on for me.
     Which reminds me, I had better go see where I can sign up for NaNoWriMo. ;-)


Blogger Liz said...

In case no one noticed from my more recent postings, I actually did manage to sign up for NaNo.

I have yet to comprehend why my total word count including my pre-NaNo work on TLGM is around 35k when it was supposed to be around 10K when I started. It should be closer to 20k now. Maybe it's because pre-NaNo, I didn't keep track and actually went back and revised some of it? Either that, or MS Word's count software is really, really off. I don't see ohw I could have added 10-15k in one day.

One of life's mysteries, I guess. It's very confuzzling.

8:09 AM  

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