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My poor computer.....

Poor, unfortunate soul. I had my floppy, a 3.5", in the computer. The screen--well, the error message, not a completely blue screen, just blue enough with the white print that...

Hem hem. Well, to shorten the novel, I had to reboot. However, I tried (and failed!) to remove the floppy from the drive. Presumably the floppy is no longer usable. I had saved synopses, outlines, and the story to date on it. I'm glad I printed out the synopses and outlines. The only unsalvageable from the floppy thing is the revised text of what I'm working on, but at least it wasn't changed so much from the version resident on my hard drive. Oh, and there were notes on the floppy relating to the writing of synopses and outlines too, but those are replaceable (though not on my hard drive).

I'm seriously debating NaNoBlogMo. It sounds like fun and I might actually be ready to participate this year and not 'fowl' things up (I don't have to chicken out LOL).

At least, the thought I put into the novel may well pay off this year and I might actually get the book done. It's a trial run for the series I'm working on (which is basically a plan for a quintet of trilogies with a few singles thrown in for good measure, but we'll see). Better to finish the one in preparation, it will be the second book I've ever written (the first by default was fanfic, but it has all original characters (pretty much, except for the ones my ex contributed to the story by default). It was a SB/Yamato piece called Wind Riders of Hoth (I hadn't even remembered until much later, I knew the 'Hoth' part had come from somewhere, but hadn't realized it was Star Wars LOL). I wish I could get all of it together, regathering, typing notes and everything takes a lot out of someone who can't type worth a darn (I suppose there's little danger of typecasting then, though die-casting may be an entire, separate matter).


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