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Vocal Talent

TTS Interactive Demo

I have been amusing myself by having it say
In the land of the wise and the halls of the dead
The seamster is pulling upon his last thread.
The teamsteress is working up high in the fog
The lumberjack's rolling downstream on a log.

in English, Spanish, French, German, and U.K. English.

There does seem to be a ghostly aftervoice on the male French voice (Alain) though.


Conflict (Copyright 2002 by Charlotte Dillon)


          Conflict is very important in a romance novel -- and really in any kind of a novel at all.  What would the story of Romeo and Juliet be without the family feud?  How good would Gone with the Wind have been if Scarlett realized from day one that Ashley wasn't the man for her, and that Rhett was her true love? And even in Toy Story, if Buzz hadn't shown up, and threatened to take Woody's place.... Well, you get the idea.  Ah, the interest conflict brings to a story!
          What is not conflict?  Fights.  Arguments.  Misunderstandings.
          What is conflict? There are two kinds of conflict in a story, internal and external.  I feel they are both needed to carry most plots.
          Internal conflict is something that is set inside your character.  Blair was in love with a cop, and he was killed in the line of duty.  Now she finds herself falling in love with one of her late husband's friends, another cop. There is no way she will do that without a fight.  The fear of losing him the same way is just too strong.  It will cause an internal battle that she will have to fight before she can love him.
          External conflict is just like you guessed, something on the outside.  Sam has growing feelings for Linda, but she is rich, from the right side of town, and so are all of her friends.  Sam is going to school full time, trying to work, trying to keep up his grades; he can hardly make ends meet.
          Linda's father is a judge, upper crust, his family line can be traced back to the Mayflower.  Sam's family line can be followed back to share croppers, his dad worked in a sawmill once, and died in prison, after Linda's father sent him there.which brings us back to internal conflict.  If you have plenty of both in your story, it should help keep your plot clicking along, and your readers turning those pages.
                                            Charlotte Dillon  ~

          This article may be used in a newsletter or on a website, as long as my name and a link to my homepage is placed with it.

Copyrighted 2002 by Charlotte Dillon

Horoscope for Writers


Eleanor Roosevelt said, do something that scares you every day.
July is for being brave enough to confront the demons, and by August you'll feel like a Leo instead of a Virgo . . . self assured, proud, leading others to the light you found in July.

* Yes, I reformatted the horoscope and capitalized the names and months.For some reason it makes reading easier. ;-)


A Writer's Jottings: Writing and Hournal Prompts Collection - Part 1

A Writer's Jottings: Writing Prompts Collection - Part 1
A Writer's Jottings: Journal Prompts Collection - Part 1


Fwd: [The Bookshelf] Browsing the Bookshelves

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Elizabeth Anne Ensley <>
Date: Jul 27, 2005 7:07 AM
Subject: [The Bookshelf] Browsing the Bookshelves

               Hello. I am not moving my lists over here but rather,
supplementing them. My name is Elizabeth Anne Ensley. If you have taken
a look at the main page of this group, you will note that I have two
other entities under the same basic title.
               Even today, some apprenticeships are encouraged; but
writing is for the most part a solitary pursuit. We seek companionship
for different reasons, like brainstorming a story. We want input,
critique, comment. Often, we seek those who write in the same of a
similar genre to ours.
               I hope that people who are willing to exchange critiques
will come forth and each identify the other. I feel that the best way
to offer your work for critique is to attach it in .rtf (rich text
format) to an email, if you are oging to ask someone for a cold
critique. Regular text files you can just add the .rtf extension to as
well, they will operate in the same fashion.
               I have no idea if anyone wll join or participate in this
group: but it is an interesting experiment.


We Who Are About To Fly...

        Well, it's official.
        I took an hour aside and divided it into two loads. I plan on watching no television until this evening, bot even the Winx Club (I have found this cartoon rather addictive, much to Terror's chagrin). Yes, it is a Sailer Moon-type plot - ordinary girl  learns she has a special quality that sets her apart from her old life and rings in the new, eventually learnign that she's a princess after she falls in love with a prince that she's had a relationship with before actually finding out he's a prince (in other words, after he kind of sort of lied to her to protect himself, or had amnesia). It also mixes in elements of both Harry Potter (the school of magic) and Dragon Ball (the Dragon Fire, a mysterious power, the full properties of which we, the viewers, know not yet).
        It's interesting to study how they put the plot together, what motivations bring the characters (Bloom is the main protagonist with the rest of the Winx Club - Flora, Stella, Musa and Tecna. They're all fairies who go to Alfea (that is how they spell it on the official site). Tey ave one friend who's transferring over from Cloud Tower School for Witches. I don't remember her name right now but she spent a good part of season one as a pumpkin after she tried to warn Bloom that Icy, Darcy and Stormy were trying to trick her out of the Dragon Fire.


Elizabeth Anne Ensley
Liz's Looming Lunacy:

So much for the stereotype of the Wicked Stepmother

Stepdad hangs kids in cemetery

PLOT-O-MATIC (Hey, _I_ found it amusing...)


My simple life
an original screenplay concept
by Elizabeth Anne Ensley

Science Fiction: A struggling artist teams up with a well-built female cyborg to take a cruise on an unsinkable ship. In the process they fall in love with four British men on welfare. By the end of the movie they chase 7 oogly aliens and end up winning the admiration of their country, living happily ever after.

Think Gone With the Wind meets Metropolis.

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How to make a million: Print this page now.    Make a copy, send it to your favorite movie studio, and before you know it an armored car will pull up to your door and unload bag after bag of beautiful green entrtainment bucks.  And they'll be yours to do whatever you wish!


(c)1998, 1999 Mad Dog Productions
All Rights reserved


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Elizabeth Anne Ensley


Dark Water: The U.S. Remake

                  I heard that the U.S. version sucks eggs. I want to see the original Japanese version, Honogurai mizu no soko kara (2002). The original movie is usually superior to the remake anyway. (I would not mind, though, if they remade the entire freakin' Star Wars trilogy because the second set, episodes 1-3, were okay but nowhere near as good as the first ones, 4-6, and I am not talking special edition here, the ending of episode 6 where they showed Coruscant celebrating a bit too soon, I mean, even news traveling at FTL takes a bit longer than that).
                  I also refuse to see the Steven Spielberg version of War of the Worlds. I have requested the other version that came out this year instead on my NetFlix queue for when it comes out. If they screw up and send the one with TC in it, I'm sending them a nasty comment via email and returning the DVD unwatched since <i>it is not on my queue</i>.
                  Still exploring my new MSN page. I finally managed to find some real genre sites - just searched for "horror" instead of "horror writing" (the latter turned up too much unwanted information about automobiles - I don't drive, so I don't care).


World's Strongest Writer Marathon Update

I made it to 35k when I wanted ot be at 40k. Ah well, there's always the weekend to play catch-up. I figured that into the odds, so...


Letter Games

Aside from what I posted to, there is also this Wikipedia entry on letter games.

Marathon The Eighteenth I Am...

          Today is Monday.
          Friday I finished my weekly goal of 2600 words a day, five days a week (12,500, bringing my grand total so far this month to 27,500 words).
          I left two days per week free to do other things: watch DVDs, play house, go shopping, all that fun minutiƦ of life that we cannot subsist without.
          What do I end up doing over the weekend?
          I meant to write 2500 ords for each day, but only made it up to around 4k this weekend. I will catch the total up next weekend.
          What I was working on was not my project for the World's Strongest Writer Marathon. It was, however, related: and only when I finish everything that I want to write on it will I see if I can synthesize the separate-but-related books into one coherent story. Write first, edit later.
                    (from yesterday:)
          It would stand to reason.
          You see, I gave myself weekends off for the World's Strongest Writer Marathon so that I would be able to catch up with any writing that I might have missed during the week. The whole purpose of it was to give myself some freedom for shopping, movies, and the like.
          Guess what? You know what I am doing with my weekend now?
          That's right.
          See, I have this one character who's a demon and in many ways he's critical to the plot. Well, I decided to write from his viewpoint. Just this weekend, mind you, though I might do it again next weekend, too. It's not the human (or Christianity, or Judaic, or anyone else's) concept of demon either, but a fictional one, one that treats them more like air elementals. That does not preclude the existence of another class, of course, but that's the one I am using in TLGM.
          My justification for this is a simple one. You see, he goes through at least one major change in the story, and his story starts off from that change. I thought it would be interesting to write from his perspective and get his reactions to things.
          Ooh, does he have a set of problems to overcome.. He goes through a major change of perspective later, too. You see, right now, he does not think too highly of humanity. One essentially kidnapped him from his home without asking him, this poor demon who never did anything to the human in question, and first imprisoned him in a bottle, and then forced him to become part of a spell binding another human, to a magick prison. See, he's the key part of the prison, so to speak. The other human he's in contact with is of course the one imprisoned, the story's major antagonist.
          Why can life not ever be simple? AAUGH!


Writing Strategies, Tips & Tricks

Ten Things To Do When You've Gotten Bored With Youre Novel

this is the latest of of the limyaael rants (lower case because all LiveJournal IDs are that way). Since we are in the World's Strongest Writer Marathon and this post is a good part survival strategy, I thought it was worthy of note, and to share with other folks.

Marathon Update AGAIN?

          Count as to the weekend: 27.5k: not bad, huh?
          Waiting to read Harry Potter (at least until Terror's done with it, she is so mean... *sniff*) so I cna find out if any of the spoilers are actually true, including the infamous icon one.
          I need coffee....


OWW World's Strongest Writer Marathon Update

          2500 words last night. Today (already started) should bring my marathon total to 27.5k, which is exactly where I want to be. After I finish this, I think I'll go on to the mostly antagonistic Gariander, and then progress to Pahil, and then Penn, and move on from there.
          Yes, Penn. Penn Guinn. From the NaNoWriMo penguin insertion challenge last year. He started out as a simple insertion and became A Real Boy (though his onse never grew with a lie, but at least he's not a wooden character, not ocmpletley anyway lol)
          As to Harry Potter spoilers, I will see which ones are triue when I read the book. I think that some of these are strictly of the tongue firmly planted in cheek variety. The Harry Potter communities have become a fascinating sociological study.


Marathon Update

20,799 when I wanted to be at 22,500. Ah well. If I don't catch up by Friday, I have the weekend. You would not believe how much I slept! *gromble* With luck, I can put off any food shopping until Friday. I still ache from yesterday and having to go to the bank.


Update on The World's Strongest Writer Marathon

               At one point today I was not sure that I would be able to meet my goal today.
               Well, guess what
               That is correct. I made it to the 20,000 word mark today. The developing subplot in this novel, this part of the story, is the tale of someone losing his mind. It had not started out that way, and I know that mcuh of it wil lneed to be edited and rewritten later, but I hit the 20k mark.
               This Is A Very Good Thing.


World's Strongest Writer Marathon Update

               I passed the 15k word mark. I'm working on the 17.5k mark today to keep up with where I want to be during the marathon, but I did manage to catch up.
               Terror starts her new job today in the deli at King Kullen, a local grocery chain. She is going to work in the deli and she is terrified that she will lob off her hand. She says the sign is very encouraging, they have a sign with changing numbers. Yesterday it read "We have gone 20 days without an accident!" (the longest they have managed it is 100 days).
               Personally, I think waiting for an accident is happen is almost ensuring that it will happen, but that's my problem lol.
               I watched - I think the title was Infection, it was a Japanese horror film about a plague at a hospital, an isolated incident. I do not want to give a spoiler because I think it would be a good film for people to watch, with all the little twists and turns. Do not wait for a "remake" (they will ruin the story, unless perhaps the original director can find a way to carry it across to us gaijin) but IMO the imagery works very well within the context of the story.


World's Strongest Writer Marathon Update

                I am up to 14,388 words now. With luck I will catch up to the 15k where I am supposed to be now. That is at a figure of 2500 words per day, five days a week, from Monday to Friday, with Saturday and Sunday off for good behavior. I started on a Friday, which is why I counted in a sixth day at 2500 words to the total.
                Taking two days off gave me time to pick up my stride so that I could catch up if for any reason I lagged behind in output. ;-)
                I also finished reading Green Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson, and have just started on Red Mars. I do not know if I will finish it by Saturday, but I can give it my best shot. I also have the rest of Linda Nagata's Vast to read through.I began reading the book a couple of years ago but kept getting lost in the prose. Of course, there were several hundred different things happening in my life at the time as well (read "complete and total anarchy and chaos," folks). She was an instructor at Writers Digest school for a time, I ended up changing instructors mid-stream. I do not know if she is still affiliated with them (Linda, if you read this, hello! I think I have finally figured out how to work a blog!).


Marathon Flash: The 10k Club

I jsut hit the 10k mark. When I get to revising I'll have a lto of work, but... lol.

Warning Signs of Stroke (from The Internet Stroke Center)

 Warning Signs of Stroke (from The Internet Stroke Center)

he most common sign of stroke is sudden weakness of the face, arm or leg, most often on one side of the body.

Other warning signs can include:
    Sudden numbness of the face, arm, or leg, especially on one side of the body
    Sudden confusion, trouble speaking or understanding speech
    Sudden trouble seeing in one or both eyes
    Sudden trouble walking, dizziness, loss of balance or coordination
    Sudden severe headache with no known cause

The signs of a stroke depend on the side of the brain that's affected, the part of the brain, and how severely the brain is injured. Therefore, each person may have different stroke warning signs. Stroke may be associated with a headache, or may be completely painless.

If you or someone you know is having these signs, call 911 and seek medical help immediately. Stroke is a medical emergency. Treatment is available, but only if a stroke is recognized in time. DO NOT try to diagnose the problem by yourself, and DO NOT wait to see if the symptoms go away on their own.

Even if the symptoms pass quickly, they could be an important warning that requires prompt medical attention.



Elizabeth Anne Ensley


Current World's Strongest Writer Marathon Update 7 June

I am around 6k fewer words than I wanted to be this week thus far, but at least it's not too bad. Slow start.

Coral's actually been awake all day so I have been offline. I will have time tomorrow, since she is going jobhunting at the mall.


World's Strongest Writer Marathon & Other Distractions Outstanding

               I managed to use the weekend to catch up with Friday's 2500 words and even went slightly over that count. Still, the story is off ot a good start and I know what I'll write tomorrow. If I add this to - what's the cumulative total so far, 38k? That's a total word count of 40.5k, approximate, since  the separate word total for TWSWM is compatible with and in addition to both SummerWriMo and NaNoWriSum (and even the lj community nano_summercamp).
               I also dug through my files and not only found the original version of Spring Cleaning (which appeared in my campus literary magazine around 1980), but also dug up a few other short odds and ends which can be reworked and revamped - reedited and revised for possible submission, assuming they turn out well enough.
               I also found my MST3K fanfic and copies of my old poetry, which I'll post to Streaming Meemies, along with a link to one revision which I posted on this blog earlier in its existence.
               My sister Mary went to Hawaii anyway, even with a staph infection which is resistant to antibiotics. She's an adult, it's her prerogative, but my sister Rose is worrying herself sick over it. Rose also worries about Eddie and his wife Diane, who so far has not been able to enter the country thanks to the Patriot Act. The powers that be told Ed to stay out of it since it's none of his business, but he's her husband so it is his business. It's all very strange, and part of a growing isolationist party on the part of President Bush and a select number of Republicans - at least, that is how I see it. Splitting apart a family (Ed's wife is from Ecuador anyway - is that supposed to be a hotbed of terrorist activity?)
               I despise politics.


World's Strongest Writer Marathon update

I managed 1,102 words yesterday. As with NaNoWriMo I gave myself weekends off, which gives me the opportunity to play "catch up" (my goal is 2500 words per day, five days per week, bringing my pledge to a total of 12.5k per week). No National Holidays for me! I sepnd part of my time sleeping anyway. I have to hobble to the store anyway, we need milk and bread (and, as Terror insists upon, the food group known as Coke).


[OWW-SF/F: Writing] aaaannnnd THEY'RE OFF!!! (forward)


That's the starting gun for the World's Strongest Writer Marathon! Those of you in Europe and points further east are officially started! (I may be an hour early for the Irish contingent. Go have another pint and relax. And we here in the Western Hemisphere have to wait 6-9 hours more.)

The Goal: to generate wordcount on our individual works-in-progress!!


What I Need You All To Do:  WRITE!  And then at the end of next week (July 8 or 9), send me an update (OFFLIST!) with the following:


-Entry Number (This is the number just above your name in the big list. It will help me find you in my very-lowtech data file. I will post one last updated list including all the last-minute entrants tomorrow.)

-Word count generated, # of pages edited, or whatever other measure of progress you prefer.

-Any chatty observations you want to make about the marathon, how's it going, what's really difficult, what helps, is it easier or harder than you expected...that sort of thing. Humor counts. I'll put the most interesting/funny/noteworthy comments into a newsletter to post on 7/12 (NY local time).

Like many others, I will be on vacation all next week, possibly without internet access. Please cheerlead amongst yourselves. I'll do my best to get online periodically!

In the meanwhile, here are some extra exclamation points to juice your enthusiasm!

! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

(Why yes, I do buy them in bulk. At CostCo. They keep them in the electronics section, right near the Tazers.)


Too often we enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought.
-John F. Kennedy, 35th US president (1917-1963)