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Obligatory NaNoWriMo Posty

          I've decided this year to aim for 3k per day, for a grand total of 90k for the month. I'm working on an outline where I put the chapter number, lsit three things I want to accomplish in the chapter, and then list three reversals/obstacles which will delay or negate completion of those accomplishments. Hey, outlines can change while you're writing anyway, so this should prove intersting. I only jsut started on chapter two's outline, but I'm thinking I'll have a prologue and then a few interludes. Yes, I know prologues are usually unnecessary and annoying; but the prologue and the interludes will be from my antagonist's point of view. The story itself needs that PoV to flesh things out, and I feel that the prologue, interldues, and perhaps an epilogue might be in order. both for a segue into the next book and just because I feel like it. ;-) I want to use the terminology for bits that I feel are essential to furthering the plot of the story, but which cannot be told in the main portions.
          Also, I feel that it may well amuse some readers. I do have an unovened sense of humor. ;-)



CAIRO, Egypt - Engineers on Friday moved the giant statute of Pharaoh Ramses II from a congested square in downtown Cairo to its new home near the more peaceful Great Pyramids.

Err... Do you think they need a proof-reader?



Writing a Selling Synopsis
Elizabeth Anne Ensley

Buudhism: Your Daily Meditation 06 Aug 2006
By becoming attached to names and forms, not realising that they have no more basis than the activities of the mind itself, error rises and the way to emancipation is blocked. -Buddha


Some Fun I've Been having, The Past Few Months.

          My computer's not supposed to break down until November.
          For two years running, during every single year I have been an official participant in NaNoWriMo,  I have had computer problems. This year, they started way too early, and have been well-nigh continuous. My ex-husband Fred even came out a couple of weeks ago and managed to get one of them working, but it died two days later when the lady upstairs (love living in flats, love, love, love the buffalo herd in the middle of the night) vacuumed her rug.
          There are one (Terror's, working), two (cheap little old laptop which writes very unreliable text files) three (Fred's old computer, which he gave me when he got a new one when mine died) four, five, six, seven--at least seven computers and one AlphaSmart in the house. So far, the AlphaSmart's been the most reliable, but I can neither print, nor save to floppy on it.
          You know who killed Fred's old computer? Bill Gates. Of course, Windows Media Player 10 (Curse you, Evil Windows Media Player 10!) killed it, downloading to my computer. I really should have known better, I think the same thing happened to my old system too.
          No longer will I trust anything that comes out of Microsoft, unless it has impeccable references and a computer repair guarantee.