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The United States is Not A Free Nation

These are my final words on the matter. I hate, laothe and despise politics. I also hate someone who seems to have lied to me, not once, and not "a little white lie", but far too often for my comfort.

I do not know this person. I know he is the leader of our alleged free country, and I know of some of the puclic records concerning this individual that various people have pointed out.

What is Chaos Magick?

Cambridge (British) Dictionary online.

Feedback: George Bush's "free speech" policy (one viewpoint).

OSU's version of free speech at commencement (ban on free speech and right to protest (peacefully).

I refuse to look up any more links on this. My own belief is that if they are going to arrest, harrass and otherwise demean Bush protestors then they should also ban apparent Bush supporters to these so-called "free speech" zones as well, since they could also be terrorists. For that matter, if Mister President George W. Bsuh and his Secret Service Agents are so feardul of freedoms in their own country, then they should remain either on the grounds of the White House or else pull an L. Ron Hubbard and live offsohre. They do not reflect me or my opinion, nor do they reflect the viewpioints of anyone that I know.

For that matter, since Terror's almsot out of high school and I'm disabled and on Social Security and unable to work (my only source of income, BTW). it's appparent that President Bush and his ilk have no compassion for their fellow Americans, at least from where not only I sit, but the two grandmothers in Florida who were on the parade route and had two small placards protesting the Bushist policies and thrown into prison, plus a great many others who thought their freedoms in this United States were secure -- well...

George W Bush and the 14 points of fascism.


BEARING FALSE WITNESS: If you're gonig to arrest little old ladies as terrorists, isn't that akin to bearing false witness, especially since they carry no concealed armaments? If they're going to arresnt people for exercising their rights as citizens of the United States to freedom of speech, if it has to come to this, then President Bush would better serve the people that he's supposed to govern, not by parading the streets and inviting commnetary but by staying home and reading his email. That is my opinion, no one else's (unless they agree or disagree with what I say). You cannot argue me out of my own opinion, so don't even try. What branch of national security is served by George Bush hitting the campaign trail when he's already in office? I see no purpose in it--and if he wants to visit someplace and wants to avoid this kind of publicity, then he should keep it low key and unannounced. so that he doesn't have to be afraid of the many people who disagree with his policies. Not that he has anything to fear from me, or from most law-abiding citizens of the United States: but when it seems that he wants to take the law into his own hands this way -- well, that's why a set of checks and balances are inherent in the political system; but if he's going to arrest everyone and everything that says one word he considers bad about him, do we all have ot fear a police state, one much like the world of George Orwell,s 1984 only it's more a contemporary United States thing than an extrapolation of the British society that existed when that book was written


Who's Your Dead Musician?

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[OWW submission] One Weekend in the Hamptons

It's just a very short first part but I'm trying to get unstuck. That's why I was masochistic enough to put it on the OWW boards for review. I did write at least half a scene more at least (not posted there) so... Basic beginnings, anyone?


[Lupinsnape] Theories

** I don't think Lupin will ever be cured of his curse. I think that
would just be too neat. However I do think (or hope) he has an important part to play in the final battles. As to Pettigrew's silver hand I'm split between its intended use. It could have been given to him in order to harm or kill Lupin. Or it could just be silver because Slytherin's colours are green and silver. **

I think it tends more towards the werewolf thing, myself. Pettigrew's revealed as a traitor, and he was in human form when Mr. Lupin transformed that time. Without the other Marauders around to protect him, I think he is very, very afraid of Remus Lupin.

I think it would be incredibly funny if Remus managed to bite Pettigrew and turn him inot a werewold. Can you imagine a werewolf with a silver arm? *laugh*

-- Professor Snape is going to save Harry's life (again) at least once and he may or may not die doing so. --

** I agree that he will end up saving Harry. I'm not sure however that he will die. It does look likely that he will, although I hope he doesn't. **

I can hope not. Many people say he's too ornery to die, but.....

-- Ron, even if he doesn't actually turn against Harry, is going to be tricked in some way into betraying Harry on some level. There's way too much that he wants (as revealed to him in the Mirror or Erised) that Voldemort can use against him. Before Ron dies, he and Hermione will become an official couple. --

** Ron does want a lot. A lot of it is about being seen as an individual and not crowded by his family. Voldemort could trick him. I also have a feeling Ron is going to die and JKR has hinted to this. I really do hope Ron and Hermione get it together although Ron isn't all that bright so it might take a while. **

Ron is also a complete idiot. It was obvious for quite some time before the GoF's dance when he didn't ask her that she kind of sort of liked him, and he made a complete fool of himself with the jealousy thing over Viktor Krumm. He'll refuse to acknowledge that he's kind of sort of jealous over it till towards the very end.

-- I do think the car and the spiders will come into play again too. Pity if they don't. The centaurs too -- I do hope they end up joining with Professor Dumbledore and also accept Firenze back into the fold too -- but it will take a strong measure initiated by Voldemort to make them realize that perhaps Firenze has the right of it. --

** I doubt the spiders and car will have a large part to play. I tend
to think Grawp will play a bigger part. I agree about the centaurs, they will probably be stuborn until something V does triggers a move. **

Well, Ron's fear of spiders will come into play somehow; and if you remember Hagrid's friend and his children, Grawp might play a part in savingThe Triumvirate from the spiders, since they're Hagrid's friends and not his.

-- It might aso be revealed that Umbridge is Voldemort/Riddle's daughter LOL. --


Exactly. >^~,0^<

-- I think that Neville Longbottom's Mom will regain enough of her sanity that when Bellatrix comes to fiinsh what she started with her and her husband she'll put up a good defense. Remus might also be involved as well. --

** I think all the Longbottoms will have larger parts to play. Neville is severly underestimated. I hope his parents are cured in some form. **

I think that at least his mother will recover part of her mnid. We saw some of this indicated in OotP when she handed the gum wrapper to Neville. I don't know exactly how much farther she'll get her wits back, but I think Bellatrix will return ot finish them off -- and get killed herself. I'd like to see Lockhart redeem himself somewhat by trying to fight off Bellatrix too, but I'm not too hopeful about it.

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Writer's Digest: [Writers Digest-Writing Prompt] To post your response, visit the Writer's Forum:

      You're unhappy with the politics in D.C. and decide to secede from the union and form your own country. Your country can only be as large as the land you own, whether it's a studio apartment or a cattle ranch.
      Describe your country. Do you plan to expand?
      Write your country's constitution and a bill of rights.


Coffeehouse for Writers: Contest

     I received a copy of the free ezine Fiction Fix from Coffeehouse for Writers today. They had an interesting writing challenge/contest/prompt to share with folks:
     Flesh Out Your Writing with Body Language (Victoria Grossack)
     The deadline for the contest is 15 March 2005, but you don't have to enter unless you want to: "The prize is a free four-week course anytime during 2005 and publication of the winning entry at Coffeehouseforwriters and in Fiction Fix."
     The main idea of this topic is to have fun with the writing prompts -- and to write. The above is an excellent prompt which applies to most forms of writing. It's an excellent exercise for this list. Body language also affixes emotions too -- part of the show, don't tell bit.
     Examples Of Body Language
     Interpreting Body Language and Behavior (Sure, it's for bunnies, but... LOL)
     If any of you have any ideas for a writing exercise, please feel free to share them with us.