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h, I did have this really weird dream about Nana last night. We were in St Rosalie's (I was a child in the dream, of course - haven't been to St Rosalie's since Nana's funeral and it was the old St Rosalie's anyway, which I liked the interior and exterior of better than the new post-modern design) and it was something about blowing your nose with tissues and being able to use one of them, like, 99 times.

I have no idea what it meant. o0;;

It wasn't so much distressing as strange.

My sister Rose told me last year that Nana thought I hated her (which was far from the truth or else I wouldn't have agreed to Coral and I moving in with her when Fred and I separated). It was something that disturbed me for the longest time because she was My Nana. You know? I have no idea where she got the idea. I know that when they had her on the pain reliever that gave her the psychotic flashes Nana insisted that I was trying to kill her, which was alos extrememly far from the truth. They did take her off the drug because it did more harm than good - but you don't know how these things will affect 97 year old folks in the longer run.

But for the tissue, and the 99 times use... That was an exceedingly strange dream, even for me. =^o,0^=;;


Don't Read (too boring 3) (please ignore - last of 3 backup posts)

18. *sigh* ID #326936
Posted: 02-06-05 @ 10:23 pm EST [Edit] [Delete] [Restrict: None]

I can't trust my daughter.

She needs laundry done. She had to do it because I can't, there's way too mcuh of it for me to manage and, even ill, she's still in far better shape than me.


She says she'll go at noon. Noon turns into three thirty, then six, and then she says she feels too sick to do it.

She will have ot do if itf she wants it done. I already have way too mcuh of my own wash to catch up on, especially since I have trouble walking and when it's icy out, forget it. I don't need to break my leg again, I don't have the insurance for it (she does, for herself, but that's irrelevant).

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17. Haiku (Fiction Diction's Entry) ID #326579
Posted: 02-05-05 @ 12:45 am EST [Edit] [Delete] [Restrict: None]

The parlor of the
Sphinx is at the endpoint of
The shattered rainbow.

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16. Spring Cleaning Undone! ID #326022
Posted: 02-02-05 @ 12:57 pm EST [Edit] [Delete] [Restrict: None]

Even with the best of intentions...

I wanted to clean the house today, not just for Imbolc but for myself.

Easier said than done -- I'm still way behind on my email and my real life is cutting into my onlnie time right now. I hope that our home network gets set up and running very, very soon, because I'm not sure how much longer I can go on this way.

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15. $#%$#@%$@ rr fics ID #325881
Posted: 02-01-05 @ 6:31 pm EST [Edit] [Delete] [Restrict: None]

I let myself get talked into a shared world that's trying to pair up Tonks and Professor Snape. Not in MY postings! Not Hermione either. Those fics just drive me bonkers. Unfortunatley, now I'm forced to commit noe it seems (though I will not willingly go).

If this is what the folks in the group consider good, well, then "I solemnly swear that I am up to no good".

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14. Yet Another Blog By Elizabeth Anne Ensley ID #325857
Posted: 02-01-05 @ 5:23 pm EST [Edit] [Delete] [Restrict: None]

H Hey, it's my (writing) life, right? *maniacal laughter resonates*

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13. The doctor finally called ID #325855
Posted: 02-01-05 @ 5:20 pm EST [Edit] [Delete] [Restrict: None]

It took long enough, but Terror's sonogram is finally scheduled for March 1 around the Stony Brook area. And It Is About Time!

I still have ot get her down to the walk-in lab for the lime disease test and there's so much else to do before my life will let me sit down and read again... *sigh* Sorry folks, but I will get back to it ASAP, promise.

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12. The Tarot Arrived ID #324818
Posted: 01-27-05 @ 11:17 am EST [Edit] [Delete] [Restrict: None]

My Waite-Ryder deck arrived before my dictionaries. The pictures aren't so clear as I remember fromm the posters I had in adolescence, but it's till the same basic deck.

Now, if only I can find my little instruction book on reading the tarot...

I think I will enroll in the tarot for writer's course next week, after I have money. After paying for a 3-month basic membership to maintain this journal for a bit longer (good thing too, so I can find the link again, I tend to misplace things every so often).

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11. The Cutting Edge & More ID #324814
Posted: 01-27-05 @ 11:06 am EST [Edit] [Delete] [Restrict: None]

I've been using Google to research sword care and there's a bit on it, but does anyone know the usual characteristics of a whetstone? Aside from novaculite/arkansas stone, are there any others, or any names other than whet- or snakestone? The consitency does seem to be similar to that of sandstone. Does anyone know if it hold up better under use?

(Google, gotta love it.)

I haven't found many relevant links for sword care other than for care of the different types of Japanese swords. There does seem to be some bearing and relevance, at least, in the techniques.

I just have this nagging feeling that something's being overlooked...

I have to go make Terror's appointmetn for lab tests now. Also have yo make an appointment at the FSS thing that I had to postpone twice -- once because I lsot the bus stop (hey, it's an unfamiliar neighborhoood. Don't laugh, I was in pain for nearly a week because of it. When you're ambulatory with a cane and you walk a few miles -- not something you do as a rule when your leg gives you a whole lot of trouble because of a stupid knee replacement that was supposed to let you walk without pain but didn't work like it was supposed to -- you'd have trouble too). The second time I canceled was when I had to get Terror to the ER.

Fun! *shakes head* NOT!

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10. I Finally Caved..... ID #323921
Posted: 01-22-05 @ 11:03 am EST [Edit] [Delete] [Restrict: None]

{indent)I just now purchased a Rider Waite tarot deck from One thing that possessed me to finally buy it instead of waiting for a promised but not delivered deck is this:

It's an Earthly Charms workshop: Tarot for Writers. Here's the workshop description:

"Ever thought about sacrificing a chicken to get rid of writer's block or figure out just where your characters were going? Try using the Tarot cards instead. Learn Tarot card layouts that have been specifically designed to help you in plotting, characterization as well as writer's block! You don't have to be a gypsy to read the cards!"

To me, it sounds intriguing (and from prior experience it's as good a vehicle as any for plot divination).

According to the site, the workshop is offered at a cost of $10 and begins in March.

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9. The Doctor's Appointment for terror ID #323778
Posted: 01-21-05 @ 10:00 am EST [Edit] [Delete] [Restrict: None]

The doctor's office returned my telephone call.

Fortunately, they managed to get her an appointment sooner than March 7.

Her (revised) appointment is now on next Wednesday (January 27?) at 3:00 in the afternoon. We'll find out after that if she has lime disease or some other problem.

I have done no work on my character species list yet today. I have been too busy replying to email. I have worked out the species name, spelling variations for male and female within the species, and some physical characteristics.

I have also included fodder for the prequel which I will not even touch with a ten-word pole, except for quick notes here and there, and perhaps some snippets, until after I finish writing the story. It is, after all, a separate story, with a separate set of circumstances for the characters and individuals involved.

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8. No Good Deed Goes Unpunished ID #323741
Posted: 01-21-05 @ 5:55 am EST [Edit] [Delete] [Restrict: None]

I had Terror to the emergency room yesterday. They want her to see a doctor within he next two weeks to be tested for lime disease.

We are not outdoorsy types. We were, however, taking care of two cats for well over a year (one died of a stroke, he was an old and fat little thing, the other was an old and scrawny, frisky kitten type who had more pent-up energy than any self-respecting cat (or person) had a right to -- well, we were only supposed to take care of them for a week. Kate was so upset when her father tried to calm her down by saying he would have her beloved cats taken to an animal shelter and euthanized...
What were we supposed to do? Terror and Kate had been friends for years, survived and commiserated through their respective parent's separations and divorces (although Deb, Kate's mom, remarried and I didn't), and we couldn't stand to see her so hysterical. I could not help it either: when a child is hysterical, you Do Not Calm Then Down when you suggest killing their beloved pets. Even I know that, and I'm completely clueless when it comes to Parenting 101.

Anyway, the cats had fleas, ticks and stuff (for indoor cats they were certainly buggy) and they shat and shed in the house so much (Garfield sat in the closet for two weeks straight, ate nothing, crapped on every inch of floor space), left fleas all over the house and (shudder) even had ticks -- they were indoor cats with no flea collars, but they shared a house with two dogs who were always outside and had little or no fleas and ticks, so that explains it.

To make a long story short: if Terror has lime disease, we know where it came from.

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7. On writing ID #323479
Posted: 01-19-05 @ 7:11 pm EST [Edit] [Delete] [Restrict: None]

I wrote this in an email and I figured hey, it belongs here. I removed the signature line because for some reason it appears multiple times on other entries: think of it as an experiment.

At least I am not the only slow writer on the list. *smile*
The one thing that's been holding me up a bit on one thing I'm writing at the current time (I started several groups devoted to writing a novel this year, pledged to write a thousand words per week) is because the character that really started the story (an ogre mage) didn't fit the criteria because he -- well, he wasn't a man-eating giant, and the way I had conceptualized him wasn't as a man-eating giant. I found that out the hard way, since after the research I did on ogres I tried writing him as a straight giant (albeit very young and therefore a bit shorter than the norm) and it just did not work for me.

I didn't want a troll for various reasons (not vicious enough) and I've read too much Xanth lately so I didn't want a gnome *since Good Magician Humphrey is a gnome-type). I finally decided I had to create my own. I finally came up with a name for his species. After checking name generators for inspiration, forgetting to save the file and then Terror saved it (to her hard drive rather than the floppy) and I couldn't get access to it, a name came to me last night and I wrote it down. After writing a quick character chart for the species (and of course checking sites when I get more free time at the computer) I'll be able to start again. It should work this time.

Don't worry about being inefficient, just worry about writing. The rest will work itself out somehow.

(I still have to come up with a beach themed horror story for an anthology too. AARGH!)

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6. Review of #855001 (for the halibut [nothing fishy]) ID #323454
Posted: 01-19-05 @ 3:36 pm EST [Edit] [Delete] [Restrict: None]

I write because the characters won't shut up.
Seriously. Back in 1993 I wrote a flash called Swain's World which appeared in The Cosmic Unicorn (I actually wrote it in 1992 but '93 is when the first issue issue came out)

Little did I know that the characters. Would. Not. Shut. Up. So far I plan (and have plotted out) fifteen books in the series but it could expand at any moment.

Sure, publication would be great: but there's also the Need To Know, to organize what happens to these folks running around inside your head.

In one sense too, I'm writing to explain a joke. The original flash I wrote will be part of it, but it comes closer to the end than the beginning of the journey now.

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5. I Loathe The Medical Profession ID #323371
Posted: 01-19-05 @ 7:44 am EST [Edit] [Delete] [Restrict: None]

I called the doctor to make an appointment for Terror. Fine. I made the appointment: unfortunately, it's in March. I'm gonig to take her to the Stony Brook emergency room today. We were going to take the bus but it's too damn cold, so I'm going to have to charge it to a taxi.

Oh my poor, abused credit card. It was only just paid down too, a gift from my sister )the total being part of a legacy left when they paused my disability payments for four months because of a supposed overpayment).

I actually would rather have forgotten, since I did not vote for him; but George Bush's inauguration is tomorrow. Terror asked if I paln to watch it. Me? No way! I have never, ever watched a Presidential inauguration and I don't plan to start when I'm 46.

I need to sign off and have my coffee now. Hopefully, Terror's muscle twitches and twinges are nothing, but you never know.

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4. The Infamous Name Site ID #323248
Posted: 01-18-05 @ 10:31 am EST [Edit] [Delete] [Restrict: None]

The site I mentioned for the naming (and no, I only just found the link in my first entry on the blog) options is and the only reason I am posting it here, in case anyone lese needs help, is that it is a good resource for generating fantasy names. A story I have yet to do more work on, Twinkerling's request , the names were generated using the on-site software. I thought someone else might also find it useful. It's a good site, Behind The Name" The Etymology and History of First Names Random Name Generator, -- well, it offers language, ethnicity, occupation: all limited, but it has a good encyclopedia of names at its ddisposal.

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3. Just a minor update before I die ;-) ID #323246
Posted: 01-18-05 @ 10:07 am EST [Edit] [Delete] [Restrict: None]

I checked the dictionary and found nothing appropriate. I'll try to visit (my bookmarks blog) soon, I have a link that might help me "create" something more innovative for a species/racial name.

Promises to keep, miles to go before I sleep... I have to call one place and see if I can reschedule an appointmene because Terror's home sick, then trust my brother to call back and maybe I can ask him if he can spare the thyme time to come down and take s to the Stony Brook Hospital emergency room.

I hate Terror to miss this much schol, but I hate even more that she's ni so much painand I can do nothing about it. I feel so d-mn helpless...

And of course, she chases me off the computer when she's awake. I won't get any critiques done oday, I think -- too much to do and not wanting to wake Terror too many times, well... I still have to watch Van Helsing too so I can return it to NetFlix.

I think that I wil visit LinksAPlenty first and try to find the link I want, see if I can't come upwith an appropriate name. Then I have to call and reschedule, and THEN I can go out for bread (dun'wanna, but I have to take a taxi because it's far too cold and I hobble far too slow with my cane).

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2. No Title For Me! ID #323176
Posted: 01-17-05 @ 10:40 pm EST [Edit] [Delete] [Restrict: None]

By the way, I did see the typos, but only after saving that first entry. I thought I had been so careful~! ;,;

1. My first (failed) entry ID #323174
Posted: 01-17-05 @ 10:37 pm EST [Edit] [Delete] [Restrict: None]

It didn't want to save the first time and so I lost a nice sized entry. *sob*

I only have one thing up == the page to writing flash fiction using bubble diagrams:

My first piece of flash fiction was written using that for a guide, jsut before taking an online course taught by Pam Casto on writing flash fiction. It was rejected once (I submitted it for consideratino to a literary anthology) saying the editor loved it but it didn't suit their needs for the anthology. I have several to submit, plus some marketing research to do, but I have to get through at least the next week or so first.

I remembered what else I wrote, now!For SW I already had the name of the character central to the series, since the whole thing began with his apprenticeship to one of the non-human races with very strict guidelines as to who could apprentice to one of their mages) one apprentice per mage per lifetime folks, of whatever species apprenticed to the mage: no exceptions.

Well, the short story from the Cosmic Unicorn that this was based on, the character was a fully-grown mage who happened to be an ogre, taking on three (and ultimately, four) apprentices (not being the same race as his own Master, the ogre-mage was allowed to do this after some considerable offscreen debate).

It turns out now that perhaps the race wasn't the right one for him (even tweaking can only take one so far), so I'm going to use the dictionary and thesaurus to try and create an entirely new character race that I can work with for him.

Writing is fun, isn't it?

Dno't Read (too boring 2)

38. Mrph. ID #341894
Posted: 04-28-05 @ 7:51 am EDT [Edit] [Delete] [Restrict: None]

Bleah. Six days eleven hours or whatever since the last update. I do have to share the 'puter with Terror (who monopolizes it) you know, so I don't always have time to get here. No, I tried, but have not figured out how to turn off the alerts yet. David still hasn't come out to help finish setting up the wireless network (mine works fine but Terror's doesn't and hers is the primary).

I heard there's going to be a NaNoWriMo in May so I asked about it: I'm already in April Fools for this month.

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37. Update? ID #340553
Posted: 04-11-05 @ 12:58 pm EDT [Edit] [Delete] [Restrict: None]

Okay, here it is! *laugh*

TLGM [Pahil]
[table][tr][td][img][/img][/td][td][center][hr][b]25,644[/b] / 50,000 (51.3%)[hr][/center][/td][/tr][/table]

TLGM [Luk]
[table][tr][td][img][/img][/td][td][center][hr][b]492[/b] / 50,000 (1.0%)[hr][/center][/td][/tr][/table]

Let's see if it works...


Apparently, still not.

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36. April Fool! ID #339221
Posted: 04-05-05 @ 8:46 am EDT [Edit] [Delete] [Restrict: None]

It's a monthly writing challenge thing, quite a bit like NaNoWriMo. I just registered.

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35. Antho Retro ID #338351
Posted: 04-01-05 @ 10:46 am EST [Edit] [Delete] [Restrict: None]

Finshed and sent story for antho. No word yet. Sent yesterday. Still waiting.
Want donut. Must settle. Day old pizza.
Morse code writing. Style. Why? Silly.
Day. Fool's. April. Why? That. Maybe.
Silly me forgot to make the coffee. Maybe that's why I'm being such a confuzzled little puppy.

Elizabeth Anne Ensley

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34. Done ID #338121
Posted: 04-01-05 @ 10:45 am EST [Edit] [Delete] [Restrict: None]

The submission for the horror antho's finished. I just need to add one bit more and send it off. I'm really not very happy with it, but a promise is a promise. I just hope there's nothing too wrong with it. I usually like to get at least one crit on a story (preferably a minimum of three) before I send off something I feel so odd about, but there's no time. He's already extended the deadline by a month (the last day of which is today). It took so long to get an idea to coalesce... It's a themed anthology (horror at the beach) and the basic idea I had seemed to have come full circle, that of a "sand witch" LOL. Only the person's not a witch (there is a spell book involved). The VPC is a passive little bugger. The story reminds me a bit of the old horror comics I used to read, sans narrator like Uncle Creepy or whomever. Hope it's okay...

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33. Full of Hot Air ID #336475
Posted: 03-23-05 @ 10:05 am EST [Edit] [Delete] [Restrict: None]

Full of hot air.
That could describe some politicians, couldn't it? Pompous, arrogant, overbearing, so full of themselves that you just want to run away, far away from them so that you don't have to suffer their bombastic self-glorification.
It could even refer to a trip in a hot air balloon, whether it's the wizard escaping from Oz (or entering it) to Around The World in 80 Days to winning ride on the Good Year Blimp.
For some folks it might even suggest a spicy burrito (I know, I know it's a bum rap, but some folks do have peculiar gastrointestinal reactions).

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32. Easter Thyme ID #336256
Posted: 03-22-05 @ 11:12 am EST [Edit] [Delete] [Restrict: None]

You know it's almost Easter when you see more chocolate bunnies than Valentine's on sale at the store.
I finished up the first two "lectures" by late last night when the second one was posted for the Tarot for Writers workshop. I can actually see where it could be useful thus far, but I want to get a bit farther before reviewing the whole darn thing.
We started with the daily draw using the Major Arcana. Drawing the card in the morning, writing down what card it is, what it looks like and what you think it means. At the end of the day you write down what the book (or a website if you don't have one) says it means, then go on to talk about what happened during your day, both the things that you think apply to the reading and then the things you think do not apply to the reading. The analysis is rather interesting.
I didn't do that for long though, since the one was for the weekend and I didn't see it until Monday. We can still do the one card draw now using the whole deck and not just the one Arcana but we also have a three card reading for body, mind and spirit. It's all rather interesting, I hope I can keep up with everyone.

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31. Growl ID #336032
Posted: 03-21-05 @ 10:57 am EST [Edit] [Delete] [Restrict: None]

There's no way to turn off those "blog update" thingies, are there? I mean, it's not like I'm online every day...

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30. Why do you think they invented holidays? ID #335457
Posted: 03-18-05 @ 10:58 am EST [Edit] [Delete] [Restrict: None]

We have days set aside devoted to different events such as St. Patrick's Day (to honor an historical figure we celebrate the demise? I'd heard this was the say he died. Or is that just the ase with Saints?). We have more local holidays such as Independence Day on February 4 (dedicated to our country's freedom) and Thanksgiving (the first party in the New World [i.e., the United States]) and Bastille Day on July 14 (the French symbol of the monarchy's end and the beginning of the First Republic).
If you're worldbuilding, holidays can sometimes help to move the story along and provide a plot point, depending on the action. If you're not worldbuilding but instead writing reality-based fiction or nonfiction, if action takes place during a holiday it will have some effect upon the action.
If you're writing a fictional piece right now, then what would a holiday celebrating your character be like? What would be the point of the celebration? If non-fiction, then choose someone very important to you, whether historical or contemporary, to create a holiday for; why would you create the holiday? What would it celebrate, and why?

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29. Editing the Behemoth ID #335257
Posted: 03-17-05 @ 11:32 am EST [Edit] [Delete] [Restrict: None]

It's not actually a behemoth, but a short story. It's not even, technically speaking, a story yet, but rather a story outline.
Yes, it's for the anthology. The pieces of this horror are slowly coalescing, I hope it's done mucking about by the revised deadline for submissions.
The problem?
It's more a conceptualized piece than anything else. THe original flash was done for the OWW's Love Scene challenge a couple of years ago. It was under 500 words and now I have to expand it and increase the word count. This, of course, means actually adding dialogue, deciding whose story it is (even though I know whose it is and what happens; by VP I mean someone who actually stays alive nad sane throughout the story)...
It was so much simpler when I could ask myself "who undergoes the greatest change?". I know who does here, but since she's essentially lost her mind by the story's end and I'm not sure the author omniscient would work well for the end when I'd be in her head for the rest of the story, well...

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28. Tarot for Writers set to begin! ID #335046
Posted: 03-16-05 @ 1:06 pm EST [Edit] [Delete] [Restrict: None]

I just now purchased a Rider Waite tarot deck from One thing that possessed me to finally buy it instead of waiting for a promised but not delivered deck is this:
It's an Earthly Charms workshop: Tarot for Writers. Here's the workshop description:
"Ever thought about sacrificing a chicken to get rid of writer's block or figure out just where your characters were going? Try using the Tarot cards instead. Learn Tarot card layouts that have been specifically designed to help you in plotting, characterization as well as writer's block! You don't have to be a gypsy to read the cards!"
To me, it sounds intriguing (and from prior experience it's as good a vehicle as any for plot divination).
According to the site, the workshop is offered at a cost of $10 and begins in March.
I received notice and joined the Yahoo group that the class will operate from, so I'm close to being set.
And now, one more cup of coffee before working on my story for the horror anthology. I decided, screw the store, I can get buttermilk and make Irish soda bread (or try to) later since this is actually more important right now. I'll also get hot cross buns then too (unless I sit on a heater so I'd get them sooner -- it would make my buns rather cross to be so hot).

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27. Random Access Post ID #335042
Posted: 03-16-05 @ 12:55 pm EST [Edit] [Delete] [Restrict: None]

This is randomly inserted because if I post something here, they will not send me a reminder to post something here, when I have absolutely nothing of value whatsoever to say.
Have a pleasant afternoon.

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26. Blood Beach Anthology ID #334802
Posted: 03-15-05 @ 10:10 am EST [Edit] [Delete] [Restrict: None]

Are we having fun yet? I'm still trying to clear up my email.
The antho isn't actually titled Blood Beach, I just thought it sounded cool for this entry. Haven't worked on my story for it yet today, but there are a few things other than email that I have to try and clear up first so I'll work on it tonight. Namely, I need to go to the store and get buttermilk because I have the crazy idea of baking my own Irish Soda Bread: I fonud a few recipes online, the links to which I've posted at so that I could find them again with no problems. I also put a few up to recipes for things like creamed chipped beef and corned beef and cabbage.
Please excuse me while I try to salvage what's left of my sanity. o0;;

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25. 10:47 am - Anthology Story Update ID #334608
Posted: 03-14-05 @ 10:56 am EST [Edit] [Delete] [Restrict: None]

I did manage to get a bit done on my story for the anthology. It was originally a flash (the one I decided to work with) that I wrote for the OWW love scene challenge in February a few years back; I don't know if it will go over 5k or even get there, but I'm treating the original flash as a story outline and connections are forming in my head as to how to make it work. There is a beach in at least one part of the story, and I have to get the thoughts in there for the recurring themes -- beach, sand, all that rot. *laugh* Rot. yeah, right... Well, you'd have to read the outline to know what I'm talking about and I won't post it here since it's under construction right now. I just hope I have the story done in time for the deadline. *snicker* Deadline... Sorry, I know, I'm being a bit weird right now, but it is for a horror anthology, after all...

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24. I surrender... ID #334238
Posted: 03-12-05 @ 7:28 am EST [Edit] [Delete] [Restrict: None]

It's not finished yet. The book, i mean. So this year's NaNoEdMo might be a lost cause for me, apart from what I have managed to prune from my WIP. The story's not fiinshed, I stil lhave half the story to write. When I started NaNoWriMo I chose one character to write with, one VP to use -- but the story cals for at least two, since the action itself happens in two different locations.
I need to go back to bed. *groan* Is the basket dry yet? Maybe I can finally make a pot of coffee.

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23. NaNoEdMo Update ID #334112
Posted: 03-11-05 @ 1:14 pm EST [Edit] [Delete] [Restrict: None]

Still trying to organize my life. NaNoEdMo might or might not be a writeoff but I have an extension of the deadline for the anthology so I really should put it to good use.

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22. Pot Roast is Always Better the Second time Around ID #332556
Posted: 03-04-05 @ 10:50 am EST [Edit] [Delete] [Restrict: None]

I made a pot roast yesterday.

Today I was playing around a bit with MSN when I had problems accessing my Hotmail account and realized I'd also put a recipes thing on when I designed my pages (the second one said 'blank page' so I clicked to find out what was there).

I looked up pot roast and found one which said something about slow-cooking for about ten hours. Now, I cooked mine for an hour yesterday and it turned out fine, though I did think it was a bit tough.

Since we're having it for a second night (and I thought that a bit more cooking wouldn't hurt, so I have it on a slow burner right now. Terror gets home around three and we try to eat around five, so do you think that will be slow-cooked enough for us?

I jsut made myself some ramen noodles for lunch and if I want it I made tuna salad yesterday.

I know I'm procrastinating on the editing that I'm supposed to be doing, or I feel like I am; but life goes on, even with editing. Folks gotta eat and I had no breakfast. Writers do not live on caffeine alone (though it seems otherwise).

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21. NaNoEdMo ID #332548
Posted: 03-04-05 @ 9:27 am EST [Edit] [Delete] [Restrict: None]

Ah, I'm being called upon to update my blog. I wonder if it's still there? National Novel Editing Month just started so I'm editing (among other things). Apologies for not checknig in for awhiloe, things are a bit crazy right now.

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20. Typical ID #328718
Posted: 02-16-05 @ 9:13 am EST [Edit] [Delete] [Restrict: None]

I paid up until March but since my free membership expired everythnig's gone to pot with the blog thing LOL.

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19. Fun! ID #327002
Posted: 02-07-05 @ 8:58 am EST [Edit] [Delete] [Restrict: None]

Three things to do this morning right after I post this entry:
Take care of Terror, who fell out of bed this morning, was very warm to the touch, and is hoe sick from school
Especially the second, since the deadline for the horror anthology is February 28.
And Terror asks "Do you hve to type so obnoxiously loud?" I told her "yes" --she can't blame me if her keyboard likes to make loud noises.

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To Preserve Some (don't read - too boring LOL)

58. Too tired ID #346742
Posted: 05-12-05 @ 1:05 pm EDT [Edit] [Delete] [Restrict: None]

too tired, little writing done. Lots of interesting Tarot readings though, playing around with a few things. THe few things are the ones that I am not sure are workable, unlike the earleir layouts, so I'm going to play with it for awhile first before posting it anywhere. It's based in the scene/goal/disaster/feelings/reactions/outcome or somesuch model, which means I lay out six cards very much in the shape of a pyramid.

Good night!

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57. Another Update ID #346551
Posted: 05-11-05 @ 12:45 pm EDT [Edit] [Delete] [Restrict: None]

(TLGM) Luk 3,828 / 50,000
(TLGM) Lee 5,211 / 50,000
(TLGM) Pahil 27,547 / 50,000
(TLGM) Rowan 1,077 / 50,000
(TLGM) Arcadia 1,038 / 50,000
(TLGM) Penn - 0 / 50,000

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56. Update ID #346378
Posted: 05-10-05 @ 12:49 pm EDT [Edit] [Delete] [Restrict: None]

(TLGM) Luk 3,300 / 50,000
(TLGM) Lee 5,171 / 50,000
(TLGM) Pahil 27,535 / 50,000
(TLGM) Rowan 515 / 50,000
(TLGM) Arcadia 950 / 50,000

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55. bump ID #346171
Posted: 05-09-05 @ 11:39 am EDT [Edit] [Delete] [Restrict: None]


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54. Spam on a Stick ID #345947
Posted: 05-08-05 @ 1:36 pm EDT [Edit] [Delete] [Restrict: None]

I just received a piece of spam with the header "If you are still struggling with your tuition then read this" and read it as "If you are still struggling with your intuition then read this".
To me, that sounds like an excellent writing prompt: a struggle with intuition.

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53. Darn cell phone popup ads ID #345929
Posted: 05-08-05 @ 9:52 am EDT [Edit] [Delete] [Restrict: None]

If these people actually did some market research they would realize that for some of us cell phones make absolutely no sense whatsoever. I never really go anywhere so why would I need one? *gromble*

I did no writing yesterday but I did a Tarot reading for part of a fanfic that I'm writing (a collaborative effort) for a Severus Snape-centric group on Yahoo. It's an adult group and a sticky situation so I'm introducing a new charqacter, Perva the Bondage Fairy. *grin* The Tarot readings have helped a lot with outlining and expanding on scenes which might otherwise have me stuck on some details in the process.

I think I will get some writing done later. I jsut spent a bit of extra time online because of the novelty of the weekend thing. Terror went to a friends to stay overnight (back in East Quogue, where we used to live) so guess who had lots of time to keep up with her flist on lj? I'm glad I did too. The post of one of the people on my flist had me in tears at one point. I have not known her for all that long but I could relate to the depression she's going through. I hope that what I said to her in my response to the post helps her, at least a bit. It bites when you think no one cares what happens to you.

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52. Tired ID #345770
Posted: 05-07-05 @ 4:08 pm EDT [Edit] [Delete] [Restrict: None]

No wriitng yet today (tired) but plan so soon. Coral just went to spend the night at her friend Maria's house back on the street where we lived for twelve after her father and I separated. Also, ehen I was jsut about asleep last night, guess who called late and woke me up? Her father.


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51. I started again ID #345524
Posted: 05-06-05 @ 9:51 am EDT [Edit] [Delete] [Restrict: None]

I have caught up on al lthe current Tarot scene readings so I'm adapting them to paper right now. I have about four posted with the on my lj and not under lock and key, in case folks are curious:

I have several friends now that I have done both NaNoWriMo and April Fools with, plus there's Arwen (a/k/a Stephanie Lynch) that have all used the Tarot for a writing tool. For those who remember my realier journal entries (if anyone has been reading them), Arwen was the instructor for the Tarot for Writers workshop thing run through Earthly Charms back in March (18-31).

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50. Marketing Ain't Easy ID #345379
Posted: 05-05-05 @ 1:06 pm EDT [Edit] [Delete] [Restrict: None]

I made up my mind to submit a fantasy (horror, so I suppose "dark fantasy") story that I think I really have done all that I can with: but finding an apropriate market is not an easy task. It's an admixture of magick and vampire so it might not be al lthat simple to find it a good home.

Chaos Reigns Supreme Pizza.

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49. Shaun of the Dead ID #345235
Posted: 05-04-05 @ 7:17 pm EDT [Edit] [Delete] [Restrict: None]

Shaun is an ordinary guy. His best friend, an unemployed slacker whose saving grace is that he can make Shaun laugh, lives with Shaun and a mate in a house. Because this mate hangs with him everywhere, Shaun's girlfriend breaks up with him. Shaun's stepfather is just a bit of a creep from Shaun's persepctive; and Shaun is dissed by coworkers who are supposed to listen to him because he's the senior member in on that day. Could things get any worse?

Well, if you count the zombies roaming around in the back yard, then I suppose...

There are the obligatory Night of the Living Dead jokes, of course - but this movie is much funnier. The continuity of action also makes sense, each scene building on the events of an earlier one.

It's worth watching three times. THe first time for the straight comedy, even with the cringeworthy moments (it's so true to life in some of the smaller details and that is where the "cringeworthy" part comes in). The ending is not what I expected but it's funny nonetheless.

I just fiinshed watching it for the first time today. Tomorrow I pull out the notebook.

Third time is the charm.

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48. gone ID #345164
Posted: 05-04-05 @ 12:33 pm EDT [Edit] [Delete] [Restrict: None]

shopping *grin*

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47. Adventures in Fairyland ID #344921
Posted: 05-03-05 @ 9:49 am EDT [Edit] [Delete] [Restrict: None]

Well, i ad-libbed my way through my turn on Adventures in Fairyland. I'd forgotten which shared story I had signed up for. *grin*

Elizabeth Anne Ensley

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46. Addendum ID #344706
Posted: 05-02-05 @ 8:24 am EDT [Edit] [Delete] [Restrict: None]

Scene One

and Scene Two

are posted to my LiveJournal. The entires include the original writing, the Tarot reading (testing my layout) and then the revised text. The Tarot readings have added a rather unexpected twist, a bit of characterization, and a subplot angle that I would never have thought of if I was not using the Tarot for a revision aid. It's been lots of fun, but now poor Lee's really going to endure major torture, which isn't something I had put in the original version.

Personally? I think the story will be stronger for it - and it's giving me more to write about as well. I have a loaded gun in scene one that's going to go off in approximately scene ten. *evil laughter resonates*

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45. Weekend Update ID #344705
Posted: 05-02-05 @ 8:19 am EDT [Edit] [Delete] [Restrict: None]

30 April 2005 Saturday


I just finished a sequence of thirteen straight Interaction layouts. My intuition told me to do the sequence. It turned up some very interesting results for my characters. I know I already wrote it, but I'm rewriting it because, much as the results kind of sort of - well, I found them somewhat disturbing and I have lived with these characters for over 20 years, but something also feels very right about the readings.

Lee and Hara were not only lovers, but he apparently was off on another assignment, maybe back to Hawke's School, when she learned she was pregnant. (She also later miscarried, and all this comes out in the first chapter and yes, her husband knows - some ver interesting readings all around, IMO). I'm taking a bit of a break before I start writing/rewriting all of this down. I decided that if I am stuck on a transition between the scenes then I will use the B/M/S draw for Lee to try and help him move from here to there. Hara was originally named Haramiko. This former priestess was named well before I ever saw my first Inuyasha episode. I didn't realize exactly how well the name fit until today LOL.

Editing using Tarot? Heck, this is more like building a subplot on top of the plot. I had thought that this was the first time that Lee and Hara met; apparently, I was wrong - and this adds to the complications for the story too.

01 May 2005 Sunday


As I just finished typing in before the computer balked and lost everything...

That transition between going into the wagon to get food and coming back out again was so pathetically short on detail and didn't even have Lee leaving the wagon that I did a full character interaction reading. All the cards came back reversed so that's how I wrote down their interpretations. Before and after shots are or will be posted. I do not plan to post the entire novel as I write it but rather these parts for which I did the layouts to show you how it worked for me. I thought it surprising myself, the way this story has altered over the past millenia decade in particular.

Why a decade? When folks tell you that you have too much of a story for one book, let alone one chapter; when you... Well, let's put it this way; the story's coming out now; slowly, but I think it's going to be a better one then when it was conceived back in 1983. Longer, too (five viewpoints, five parts, one book told from each of the different viewpoints and then edited together into one massive gargantua since the stories overlap. I do not want to confuse continuity for readers).

Revision by Tarot (not to mention writing): Who woulda thunk it (aside from folks who usually do in fact read Tarot and write books)?


I just finished writing the one transition that I did a reading for and now find that it's only half the action and I have to do another reading to ready the rest of it. ;=)

02, May 2005 Monday

[TLGM] Luk
2,729 / 50,000

[TLGM] Lee
5,103 / 50,000

[TLGM] Pahil
27,535 / 50,000

[TLGM] Arcadia
950 / 50,000

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44. writing ID #344571
Posted: 05-01-05 @ 1:14 pm EDT [Edit] [Delete] [Restrict: None]

April Fools is done
Evolution has begun.

I'm in both the D/G challenge thing over at and in MayNoWriMo this month. Maybe I will actually get some mroe writing done.

The Tarot readings turned up some very interesting personal history for two of my characters. This actually adds a rather strong and insistent subplot...

And now I need more coffee...

Elizabeth Anne Ensley

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43. bump ID #344173
Posted: 04-29-05 @ 10:10 am EDT [Edit] [Delete] [Restrict: None]

Revised Layout Sequence


I found the spread altering while I did it - not the layout, but the way that the cards wanted to be drawn. I changed the numbers on the sequence to represent what happened while I read the cards.

I started with the antagonist only because that's the initiator or aggressor in the scene. It may or may not be your viewpoint character in a given interaction.

I am using the readings right now to go over what has been previously written, the original opening for the book (that turned into plans for four or five books when I wasn't paying attention - just my luck * sigh * ). I had worked it as a stand-alone short story, but it was originally intended as the first chapter of the novel. It will still be in one of them (although since I do plan to edit the books together into one complete book when they are all done it might not be, considering the story now starts at an earlier point in time.

Arwen mentioned that she uses a writer's layout at least ten times before accepting it into her arsenal. I am doing the scene readings now (it takes a lot out of me so I end up taking frequent breaks; but I do want to get them all done to a specific point in what I have written. The reading for the opening scene did point out where it could be strengthened so in the middle of all this I'm letting it fester - err, stew for a bit until it's ready (and the initial readings are done) while I meditate of the sequence of events.

A .jpg of the layout appears at the site

Yes, I played with the art program last night. *laugh*

By the way - just a reminder - this is my life, such as it is, and not fiction. I write my fiction offline (mostly).

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42. Comment on yesterday's update ID #343944
Posted: 04-29-05 @ 10:09 am EDT [Edit] [Delete] [Restrict: None]

The four items below is what I'm working on now. figured the best way to write this story is to write four (or five) different novels at the same time and then, after the whole things' done, edit them together into a coherent whole.

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41. Update ID #343810
Posted: 04-27-05 @ 1:42 pm EDT [Edit] [Delete] [Restrict: None]

(TLGM) Luk____:__2,729 / 50,000

(TLGM) Pahil___: 27,535 / 50,000

(TLGM) Arcadia :___708 / 50,000

(TLGM) Lee____:___4109 / 50,000

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40. For any interested person who has a lj and a Tarot deck ID #342759
Posted: 04-22-05 @ 11:12 am EDT [Edit] [Delete] [Restrict: None]

I had "attended" the Tarot for Writers lecture (mentioned earlier here), if you can call a basic email correspondence course attending, that is: well, it worked so well for me and I was having a problem moving past one particular scene that I'm scurrying off to write now and I came up with a spread that I posted on my lj that some of you might find of interest. It is basically a ten card spread, five for each character, noe taking the position of the antagonist and the other, the protagonist (basic dynamics of character interaction). I have both the layout and the reading I did last night using it posted there. It not only helped me with that scene, but also with some of the characterization of my overall protagonist and VPC, and it also sent me to scrap paper and index cards to sketch my ideas for the design of the tokens for the various Aspects.

I'm surprised that it worked so well for me, but I thought I would share it in case anyone else uses the Tarot to help them with their writing.

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39. Reminder: Update your blog ID #342577
Posted: 04-28-05 @ 7:50 am EDT [Edit] [Delete] [Restrict: None]

Blog rhymes with Smaug. A Smaug blog? What would it read like?

"Oh, today I just torched some random villagers. Same old, same old. I did manage to lose a breast scale today but the diamonds should pretty well handle it. After all, who's that great at sharpshooting?"

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Spam on a Stick

          I just received a piece of spam with the header "If you are still struggling with your tuition then read this" and read it as "If you are still struggling with your intuition then read this".
          To me, that sounds like an excellent writing prompt: a struggle with intuition.

I hate random cell phone pop-up ads.

          If these people actually did some market research they would realize that for some of us cell phones make absolutely no sense whatsoever. I never really go anywhere so why would I need one? *gromble*
           I did no writing yesterday but I did a Tarot reading for part of a fanfic that I'm writing (a collaborative effort) for a Severus Snape-centric group on Yahoo. It's an adult group and a sticky situation so I'm introducing a new character, Perva the Bondage Fairy. *grin* The Tarot readings have helped a lot with outlining and expanding on scenes which might otherwise have me stuck on some details in the process. I have mostly used the layout on the non-fanfic material I'm wriitng (namely, the novels).
          I think I will get some writing done later. I just spent a bit of extra time online because of the novelty of the weekend thing. Terror went to a friends to stay overnight (back in East Quogue, where we used to live) so guess who had lots of time to keep up with her flist on lj? I'm glad I did too. The post of one of the people on my flist had me in tears at one point. I have not known her for all that long but I could relate to the depression she's going through. I hope that what I said to her in my response to the post helps her, at least a bit. It bites when you think no one cares what happens to you.


It's about a four-spoon day

          I do hope that I can manage to get by without taking a nap. I have a bit of writing to do today in addition to making random journal entries. ;-)
          It's actually nice to be in the middle of writing something and know that at least you can return to where you left off 'twixt the dialogue and narrative. The Tarot layouts really help with that continuity of effort.