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h, I did have this really weird dream about Nana last night. We were in St Rosalie's (I was a child in the dream, of course - haven't been to St Rosalie's since Nana's funeral and it was the old St Rosalie's anyway, which I liked the interior and exterior of better than the new post-modern design) and it was something about blowing your nose with tissues and being able to use one of them, like, 99 times.

I have no idea what it meant. o0;;

It wasn't so much distressing as strange.

My sister Rose told me last year that Nana thought I hated her (which was far from the truth or else I wouldn't have agreed to Coral and I moving in with her when Fred and I separated). It was something that disturbed me for the longest time because she was My Nana. You know? I have no idea where she got the idea. I know that when they had her on the pain reliever that gave her the psychotic flashes Nana insisted that I was trying to kill her, which was alos extrememly far from the truth. They did take her off the drug because it did more harm than good - but you don't know how these things will affect 97 year old folks in the longer run.

But for the tissue, and the 99 times use... That was an exceedingly strange dream, even for me. =^o,0^=;;


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