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38. Mrph. ID #341894
Posted: 04-28-05 @ 7:51 am EDT [Edit] [Delete] [Restrict: None]

Bleah. Six days eleven hours or whatever since the last update. I do have to share the 'puter with Terror (who monopolizes it) you know, so I don't always have time to get here. No, I tried, but have not figured out how to turn off the alerts yet. David still hasn't come out to help finish setting up the wireless network (mine works fine but Terror's doesn't and hers is the primary).

I heard there's going to be a NaNoWriMo in May so I asked about it: I'm already in April Fools for this month.

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37. Update? ID #340553
Posted: 04-11-05 @ 12:58 pm EDT [Edit] [Delete] [Restrict: None]

Okay, here it is! *laugh*

TLGM [Pahil]
[table][tr][td][img][/img][/td][td][center][hr][b]25,644[/b] / 50,000 (51.3%)[hr][/center][/td][/tr][/table]

TLGM [Luk]
[table][tr][td][img][/img][/td][td][center][hr][b]492[/b] / 50,000 (1.0%)[hr][/center][/td][/tr][/table]

Let's see if it works...


Apparently, still not.

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36. April Fool! ID #339221
Posted: 04-05-05 @ 8:46 am EDT [Edit] [Delete] [Restrict: None]

It's a monthly writing challenge thing, quite a bit like NaNoWriMo. I just registered.

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35. Antho Retro ID #338351
Posted: 04-01-05 @ 10:46 am EST [Edit] [Delete] [Restrict: None]

Finshed and sent story for antho. No word yet. Sent yesterday. Still waiting.
Want donut. Must settle. Day old pizza.
Morse code writing. Style. Why? Silly.
Day. Fool's. April. Why? That. Maybe.
Silly me forgot to make the coffee. Maybe that's why I'm being such a confuzzled little puppy.

Elizabeth Anne Ensley

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34. Done ID #338121
Posted: 04-01-05 @ 10:45 am EST [Edit] [Delete] [Restrict: None]

The submission for the horror antho's finished. I just need to add one bit more and send it off. I'm really not very happy with it, but a promise is a promise. I just hope there's nothing too wrong with it. I usually like to get at least one crit on a story (preferably a minimum of three) before I send off something I feel so odd about, but there's no time. He's already extended the deadline by a month (the last day of which is today). It took so long to get an idea to coalesce... It's a themed anthology (horror at the beach) and the basic idea I had seemed to have come full circle, that of a "sand witch" LOL. Only the person's not a witch (there is a spell book involved). The VPC is a passive little bugger. The story reminds me a bit of the old horror comics I used to read, sans narrator like Uncle Creepy or whomever. Hope it's okay...

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33. Full of Hot Air ID #336475
Posted: 03-23-05 @ 10:05 am EST [Edit] [Delete] [Restrict: None]

Full of hot air.
That could describe some politicians, couldn't it? Pompous, arrogant, overbearing, so full of themselves that you just want to run away, far away from them so that you don't have to suffer their bombastic self-glorification.
It could even refer to a trip in a hot air balloon, whether it's the wizard escaping from Oz (or entering it) to Around The World in 80 Days to winning ride on the Good Year Blimp.
For some folks it might even suggest a spicy burrito (I know, I know it's a bum rap, but some folks do have peculiar gastrointestinal reactions).

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32. Easter Thyme ID #336256
Posted: 03-22-05 @ 11:12 am EST [Edit] [Delete] [Restrict: None]

You know it's almost Easter when you see more chocolate bunnies than Valentine's on sale at the store.
I finished up the first two "lectures" by late last night when the second one was posted for the Tarot for Writers workshop. I can actually see where it could be useful thus far, but I want to get a bit farther before reviewing the whole darn thing.
We started with the daily draw using the Major Arcana. Drawing the card in the morning, writing down what card it is, what it looks like and what you think it means. At the end of the day you write down what the book (or a website if you don't have one) says it means, then go on to talk about what happened during your day, both the things that you think apply to the reading and then the things you think do not apply to the reading. The analysis is rather interesting.
I didn't do that for long though, since the one was for the weekend and I didn't see it until Monday. We can still do the one card draw now using the whole deck and not just the one Arcana but we also have a three card reading for body, mind and spirit. It's all rather interesting, I hope I can keep up with everyone.

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31. Growl ID #336032
Posted: 03-21-05 @ 10:57 am EST [Edit] [Delete] [Restrict: None]

There's no way to turn off those "blog update" thingies, are there? I mean, it's not like I'm online every day...

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30. Why do you think they invented holidays? ID #335457
Posted: 03-18-05 @ 10:58 am EST [Edit] [Delete] [Restrict: None]

We have days set aside devoted to different events such as St. Patrick's Day (to honor an historical figure we celebrate the demise? I'd heard this was the say he died. Or is that just the ase with Saints?). We have more local holidays such as Independence Day on February 4 (dedicated to our country's freedom) and Thanksgiving (the first party in the New World [i.e., the United States]) and Bastille Day on July 14 (the French symbol of the monarchy's end and the beginning of the First Republic).
If you're worldbuilding, holidays can sometimes help to move the story along and provide a plot point, depending on the action. If you're not worldbuilding but instead writing reality-based fiction or nonfiction, if action takes place during a holiday it will have some effect upon the action.
If you're writing a fictional piece right now, then what would a holiday celebrating your character be like? What would be the point of the celebration? If non-fiction, then choose someone very important to you, whether historical or contemporary, to create a holiday for; why would you create the holiday? What would it celebrate, and why?

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29. Editing the Behemoth ID #335257
Posted: 03-17-05 @ 11:32 am EST [Edit] [Delete] [Restrict: None]

It's not actually a behemoth, but a short story. It's not even, technically speaking, a story yet, but rather a story outline.
Yes, it's for the anthology. The pieces of this horror are slowly coalescing, I hope it's done mucking about by the revised deadline for submissions.
The problem?
It's more a conceptualized piece than anything else. THe original flash was done for the OWW's Love Scene challenge a couple of years ago. It was under 500 words and now I have to expand it and increase the word count. This, of course, means actually adding dialogue, deciding whose story it is (even though I know whose it is and what happens; by VP I mean someone who actually stays alive nad sane throughout the story)...
It was so much simpler when I could ask myself "who undergoes the greatest change?". I know who does here, but since she's essentially lost her mind by the story's end and I'm not sure the author omniscient would work well for the end when I'd be in her head for the rest of the story, well...

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28. Tarot for Writers set to begin! ID #335046
Posted: 03-16-05 @ 1:06 pm EST [Edit] [Delete] [Restrict: None]

I just now purchased a Rider Waite tarot deck from One thing that possessed me to finally buy it instead of waiting for a promised but not delivered deck is this:
It's an Earthly Charms workshop: Tarot for Writers. Here's the workshop description:
"Ever thought about sacrificing a chicken to get rid of writer's block or figure out just where your characters were going? Try using the Tarot cards instead. Learn Tarot card layouts that have been specifically designed to help you in plotting, characterization as well as writer's block! You don't have to be a gypsy to read the cards!"
To me, it sounds intriguing (and from prior experience it's as good a vehicle as any for plot divination).
According to the site, the workshop is offered at a cost of $10 and begins in March.
I received notice and joined the Yahoo group that the class will operate from, so I'm close to being set.
And now, one more cup of coffee before working on my story for the horror anthology. I decided, screw the store, I can get buttermilk and make Irish soda bread (or try to) later since this is actually more important right now. I'll also get hot cross buns then too (unless I sit on a heater so I'd get them sooner -- it would make my buns rather cross to be so hot).

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27. Random Access Post ID #335042
Posted: 03-16-05 @ 12:55 pm EST [Edit] [Delete] [Restrict: None]

This is randomly inserted because if I post something here, they will not send me a reminder to post something here, when I have absolutely nothing of value whatsoever to say.
Have a pleasant afternoon.

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26. Blood Beach Anthology ID #334802
Posted: 03-15-05 @ 10:10 am EST [Edit] [Delete] [Restrict: None]

Are we having fun yet? I'm still trying to clear up my email.
The antho isn't actually titled Blood Beach, I just thought it sounded cool for this entry. Haven't worked on my story for it yet today, but there are a few things other than email that I have to try and clear up first so I'll work on it tonight. Namely, I need to go to the store and get buttermilk because I have the crazy idea of baking my own Irish Soda Bread: I fonud a few recipes online, the links to which I've posted at so that I could find them again with no problems. I also put a few up to recipes for things like creamed chipped beef and corned beef and cabbage.
Please excuse me while I try to salvage what's left of my sanity. o0;;

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25. 10:47 am - Anthology Story Update ID #334608
Posted: 03-14-05 @ 10:56 am EST [Edit] [Delete] [Restrict: None]

I did manage to get a bit done on my story for the anthology. It was originally a flash (the one I decided to work with) that I wrote for the OWW love scene challenge in February a few years back; I don't know if it will go over 5k or even get there, but I'm treating the original flash as a story outline and connections are forming in my head as to how to make it work. There is a beach in at least one part of the story, and I have to get the thoughts in there for the recurring themes -- beach, sand, all that rot. *laugh* Rot. yeah, right... Well, you'd have to read the outline to know what I'm talking about and I won't post it here since it's under construction right now. I just hope I have the story done in time for the deadline. *snicker* Deadline... Sorry, I know, I'm being a bit weird right now, but it is for a horror anthology, after all...

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24. I surrender... ID #334238
Posted: 03-12-05 @ 7:28 am EST [Edit] [Delete] [Restrict: None]

It's not finished yet. The book, i mean. So this year's NaNoEdMo might be a lost cause for me, apart from what I have managed to prune from my WIP. The story's not fiinshed, I stil lhave half the story to write. When I started NaNoWriMo I chose one character to write with, one VP to use -- but the story cals for at least two, since the action itself happens in two different locations.
I need to go back to bed. *groan* Is the basket dry yet? Maybe I can finally make a pot of coffee.

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23. NaNoEdMo Update ID #334112
Posted: 03-11-05 @ 1:14 pm EST [Edit] [Delete] [Restrict: None]

Still trying to organize my life. NaNoEdMo might or might not be a writeoff but I have an extension of the deadline for the anthology so I really should put it to good use.

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22. Pot Roast is Always Better the Second time Around ID #332556
Posted: 03-04-05 @ 10:50 am EST [Edit] [Delete] [Restrict: None]

I made a pot roast yesterday.

Today I was playing around a bit with MSN when I had problems accessing my Hotmail account and realized I'd also put a recipes thing on when I designed my pages (the second one said 'blank page' so I clicked to find out what was there).

I looked up pot roast and found one which said something about slow-cooking for about ten hours. Now, I cooked mine for an hour yesterday and it turned out fine, though I did think it was a bit tough.

Since we're having it for a second night (and I thought that a bit more cooking wouldn't hurt, so I have it on a slow burner right now. Terror gets home around three and we try to eat around five, so do you think that will be slow-cooked enough for us?

I jsut made myself some ramen noodles for lunch and if I want it I made tuna salad yesterday.

I know I'm procrastinating on the editing that I'm supposed to be doing, or I feel like I am; but life goes on, even with editing. Folks gotta eat and I had no breakfast. Writers do not live on caffeine alone (though it seems otherwise).

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21. NaNoEdMo ID #332548
Posted: 03-04-05 @ 9:27 am EST [Edit] [Delete] [Restrict: None]

Ah, I'm being called upon to update my blog. I wonder if it's still there? National Novel Editing Month just started so I'm editing (among other things). Apologies for not checknig in for awhiloe, things are a bit crazy right now.

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20. Typical ID #328718
Posted: 02-16-05 @ 9:13 am EST [Edit] [Delete] [Restrict: None]

I paid up until March but since my free membership expired everythnig's gone to pot with the blog thing LOL.

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19. Fun! ID #327002
Posted: 02-07-05 @ 8:58 am EST [Edit] [Delete] [Restrict: None]

Three things to do this morning right after I post this entry:
Take care of Terror, who fell out of bed this morning, was very warm to the touch, and is hoe sick from school
Especially the second, since the deadline for the horror anthology is February 28.
And Terror asks "Do you hve to type so obnoxiously loud?" I told her "yes" --she can't blame me if her keyboard likes to make loud noises.

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