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Editing the Behemoth

          It's not actually a behemoth, but a short story. It's not even, technically speaking, a story yet, but rather a story outline.
          Yes, it's for the anthology. The pieces of this horror are slowly coalescing, I hope it's done mucking about by the revised deadline for submissions.
          The problem?
          It's more a conceptualized piece than anything else. THe original flash was done for the OWW's Love Scene challenge a couple of years ago. It was under 500 words and now I have to expand it and increase the word count. This, of course, means actually adding dialogue, deciding whose story it is (even though I know whose it is and what happens; by VP I mean someone who actually stays alive nad sane throughout the story)...
          It was so much simpler when I could ask myself "who undergoes the greatest change?". I know who does here, but since she's essentially lost her mind by the story's end and I'm not sure the author omniscient would work well for the end when I'd be in her head for the rest of the story, well...


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