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836 Words and Counting

          I don't see how I'd be able to manage the other one (which needs a bit more work done in the thought/plot dept. IMO), but the current one (something I wrote a couple of years ago for a love scene challenge -- well, LOL).
          This does seem to be a pattern with me. Write a flash, wait a couple of years, then decide to change the VPC and end up writing something longer (and in the first case, very different) from the original work.
          I decided to work on this in the same order that I'm posting the writing prompts up to -- today it's concentrating on the narrative alone, tomorrow the story gets rewritten entirely as dialogue, and then (for Wednesday) the idea is to try and splice the two of them together into a coherent whole.
          Since I use three characters in the last scene I think I'm going to revise the narrative to incldue all three characters throughout the story. I decided that I'm going to shoot for author omniescent and try to describe what's going on rather than get into anyone's head. For the story to work, this might be the best course of action -- which means I have to add a scene tomorrow with the dialogue about exactly when the ful moon is (it's basically a story about not following proper instructions, but it's a horror story, some gore, mostly the yuck factor). No mass murderers, decapitations or Monsters from Hell.
          Sometimes, the monsters are more inside of us and are born from neglect and ignorance.

Elizabeth Anne Ensley.


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