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18. *sigh* ID #326936
Posted: 02-06-05 @ 10:23 pm EST [Edit] [Delete] [Restrict: None]

I can't trust my daughter.

She needs laundry done. She had to do it because I can't, there's way too mcuh of it for me to manage and, even ill, she's still in far better shape than me.


She says she'll go at noon. Noon turns into three thirty, then six, and then she says she feels too sick to do it.

She will have ot do if itf she wants it done. I already have way too mcuh of my own wash to catch up on, especially since I have trouble walking and when it's icy out, forget it. I don't need to break my leg again, I don't have the insurance for it (she does, for herself, but that's irrelevant).

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17. Haiku (Fiction Diction's Entry) ID #326579
Posted: 02-05-05 @ 12:45 am EST [Edit] [Delete] [Restrict: None]

The parlor of the
Sphinx is at the endpoint of
The shattered rainbow.

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16. Spring Cleaning Undone! ID #326022
Posted: 02-02-05 @ 12:57 pm EST [Edit] [Delete] [Restrict: None]

Even with the best of intentions...

I wanted to clean the house today, not just for Imbolc but for myself.

Easier said than done -- I'm still way behind on my email and my real life is cutting into my onlnie time right now. I hope that our home network gets set up and running very, very soon, because I'm not sure how much longer I can go on this way.

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15. $#%$#@%$@ rr fics ID #325881
Posted: 02-01-05 @ 6:31 pm EST [Edit] [Delete] [Restrict: None]

I let myself get talked into a shared world that's trying to pair up Tonks and Professor Snape. Not in MY postings! Not Hermione either. Those fics just drive me bonkers. Unfortunatley, now I'm forced to commit noe it seems (though I will not willingly go).

If this is what the folks in the group consider good, well, then "I solemnly swear that I am up to no good".

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14. Yet Another Blog By Elizabeth Anne Ensley ID #325857
Posted: 02-01-05 @ 5:23 pm EST [Edit] [Delete] [Restrict: None]

H Hey, it's my (writing) life, right? *maniacal laughter resonates*

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13. The doctor finally called ID #325855
Posted: 02-01-05 @ 5:20 pm EST [Edit] [Delete] [Restrict: None]

It took long enough, but Terror's sonogram is finally scheduled for March 1 around the Stony Brook area. And It Is About Time!

I still have ot get her down to the walk-in lab for the lime disease test and there's so much else to do before my life will let me sit down and read again... *sigh* Sorry folks, but I will get back to it ASAP, promise.

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12. The Tarot Arrived ID #324818
Posted: 01-27-05 @ 11:17 am EST [Edit] [Delete] [Restrict: None]

My Waite-Ryder deck arrived before my dictionaries. The pictures aren't so clear as I remember fromm the posters I had in adolescence, but it's till the same basic deck.

Now, if only I can find my little instruction book on reading the tarot...

I think I will enroll in the tarot for writer's course next week, after I have money. After paying for a 3-month basic membership to maintain this journal for a bit longer (good thing too, so I can find the link again, I tend to misplace things every so often).

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11. The Cutting Edge & More ID #324814
Posted: 01-27-05 @ 11:06 am EST [Edit] [Delete] [Restrict: None]

I've been using Google to research sword care and there's a bit on it, but does anyone know the usual characteristics of a whetstone? Aside from novaculite/arkansas stone, are there any others, or any names other than whet- or snakestone? The consitency does seem to be similar to that of sandstone. Does anyone know if it hold up better under use?

(Google, gotta love it.)

I haven't found many relevant links for sword care other than for care of the different types of Japanese swords. There does seem to be some bearing and relevance, at least, in the techniques.

I just have this nagging feeling that something's being overlooked...

I have to go make Terror's appointmetn for lab tests now. Also have yo make an appointment at the FSS thing that I had to postpone twice -- once because I lsot the bus stop (hey, it's an unfamiliar neighborhoood. Don't laugh, I was in pain for nearly a week because of it. When you're ambulatory with a cane and you walk a few miles -- not something you do as a rule when your leg gives you a whole lot of trouble because of a stupid knee replacement that was supposed to let you walk without pain but didn't work like it was supposed to -- you'd have trouble too). The second time I canceled was when I had to get Terror to the ER.

Fun! *shakes head* NOT!

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10. I Finally Caved..... ID #323921
Posted: 01-22-05 @ 11:03 am EST [Edit] [Delete] [Restrict: None]

{indent)I just now purchased a Rider Waite tarot deck from One thing that possessed me to finally buy it instead of waiting for a promised but not delivered deck is this:

It's an Earthly Charms workshop: Tarot for Writers. Here's the workshop description:

"Ever thought about sacrificing a chicken to get rid of writer's block or figure out just where your characters were going? Try using the Tarot cards instead. Learn Tarot card layouts that have been specifically designed to help you in plotting, characterization as well as writer's block! You don't have to be a gypsy to read the cards!"

To me, it sounds intriguing (and from prior experience it's as good a vehicle as any for plot divination).

According to the site, the workshop is offered at a cost of $10 and begins in March.

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9. The Doctor's Appointment for terror ID #323778
Posted: 01-21-05 @ 10:00 am EST [Edit] [Delete] [Restrict: None]

The doctor's office returned my telephone call.

Fortunately, they managed to get her an appointment sooner than March 7.

Her (revised) appointment is now on next Wednesday (January 27?) at 3:00 in the afternoon. We'll find out after that if she has lime disease or some other problem.

I have done no work on my character species list yet today. I have been too busy replying to email. I have worked out the species name, spelling variations for male and female within the species, and some physical characteristics.

I have also included fodder for the prequel which I will not even touch with a ten-word pole, except for quick notes here and there, and perhaps some snippets, until after I finish writing the story. It is, after all, a separate story, with a separate set of circumstances for the characters and individuals involved.

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8. No Good Deed Goes Unpunished ID #323741
Posted: 01-21-05 @ 5:55 am EST [Edit] [Delete] [Restrict: None]

I had Terror to the emergency room yesterday. They want her to see a doctor within he next two weeks to be tested for lime disease.

We are not outdoorsy types. We were, however, taking care of two cats for well over a year (one died of a stroke, he was an old and fat little thing, the other was an old and scrawny, frisky kitten type who had more pent-up energy than any self-respecting cat (or person) had a right to -- well, we were only supposed to take care of them for a week. Kate was so upset when her father tried to calm her down by saying he would have her beloved cats taken to an animal shelter and euthanized...
What were we supposed to do? Terror and Kate had been friends for years, survived and commiserated through their respective parent's separations and divorces (although Deb, Kate's mom, remarried and I didn't), and we couldn't stand to see her so hysterical. I could not help it either: when a child is hysterical, you Do Not Calm Then Down when you suggest killing their beloved pets. Even I know that, and I'm completely clueless when it comes to Parenting 101.

Anyway, the cats had fleas, ticks and stuff (for indoor cats they were certainly buggy) and they shat and shed in the house so much (Garfield sat in the closet for two weeks straight, ate nothing, crapped on every inch of floor space), left fleas all over the house and (shudder) even had ticks -- they were indoor cats with no flea collars, but they shared a house with two dogs who were always outside and had little or no fleas and ticks, so that explains it.

To make a long story short: if Terror has lime disease, we know where it came from.

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7. On writing ID #323479
Posted: 01-19-05 @ 7:11 pm EST [Edit] [Delete] [Restrict: None]

I wrote this in an email and I figured hey, it belongs here. I removed the signature line because for some reason it appears multiple times on other entries: think of it as an experiment.

At least I am not the only slow writer on the list. *smile*
The one thing that's been holding me up a bit on one thing I'm writing at the current time (I started several groups devoted to writing a novel this year, pledged to write a thousand words per week) is because the character that really started the story (an ogre mage) didn't fit the criteria because he -- well, he wasn't a man-eating giant, and the way I had conceptualized him wasn't as a man-eating giant. I found that out the hard way, since after the research I did on ogres I tried writing him as a straight giant (albeit very young and therefore a bit shorter than the norm) and it just did not work for me.

I didn't want a troll for various reasons (not vicious enough) and I've read too much Xanth lately so I didn't want a gnome *since Good Magician Humphrey is a gnome-type). I finally decided I had to create my own. I finally came up with a name for his species. After checking name generators for inspiration, forgetting to save the file and then Terror saved it (to her hard drive rather than the floppy) and I couldn't get access to it, a name came to me last night and I wrote it down. After writing a quick character chart for the species (and of course checking sites when I get more free time at the computer) I'll be able to start again. It should work this time.

Don't worry about being inefficient, just worry about writing. The rest will work itself out somehow.

(I still have to come up with a beach themed horror story for an anthology too. AARGH!)

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6. Review of #855001 (for the halibut [nothing fishy]) ID #323454
Posted: 01-19-05 @ 3:36 pm EST [Edit] [Delete] [Restrict: None]

I write because the characters won't shut up.
Seriously. Back in 1993 I wrote a flash called Swain's World which appeared in The Cosmic Unicorn (I actually wrote it in 1992 but '93 is when the first issue issue came out)

Little did I know that the characters. Would. Not. Shut. Up. So far I plan (and have plotted out) fifteen books in the series but it could expand at any moment.

Sure, publication would be great: but there's also the Need To Know, to organize what happens to these folks running around inside your head.

In one sense too, I'm writing to explain a joke. The original flash I wrote will be part of it, but it comes closer to the end than the beginning of the journey now.

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5. I Loathe The Medical Profession ID #323371
Posted: 01-19-05 @ 7:44 am EST [Edit] [Delete] [Restrict: None]

I called the doctor to make an appointment for Terror. Fine. I made the appointment: unfortunately, it's in March. I'm gonig to take her to the Stony Brook emergency room today. We were going to take the bus but it's too damn cold, so I'm going to have to charge it to a taxi.

Oh my poor, abused credit card. It was only just paid down too, a gift from my sister )the total being part of a legacy left when they paused my disability payments for four months because of a supposed overpayment).

I actually would rather have forgotten, since I did not vote for him; but George Bush's inauguration is tomorrow. Terror asked if I paln to watch it. Me? No way! I have never, ever watched a Presidential inauguration and I don't plan to start when I'm 46.

I need to sign off and have my coffee now. Hopefully, Terror's muscle twitches and twinges are nothing, but you never know.

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4. The Infamous Name Site ID #323248
Posted: 01-18-05 @ 10:31 am EST [Edit] [Delete] [Restrict: None]

The site I mentioned for the naming (and no, I only just found the link in my first entry on the blog) options is and the only reason I am posting it here, in case anyone lese needs help, is that it is a good resource for generating fantasy names. A story I have yet to do more work on, Twinkerling's request , the names were generated using the on-site software. I thought someone else might also find it useful. It's a good site, Behind The Name" The Etymology and History of First Names Random Name Generator, -- well, it offers language, ethnicity, occupation: all limited, but it has a good encyclopedia of names at its ddisposal.

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3. Just a minor update before I die ;-) ID #323246
Posted: 01-18-05 @ 10:07 am EST [Edit] [Delete] [Restrict: None]

I checked the dictionary and found nothing appropriate. I'll try to visit (my bookmarks blog) soon, I have a link that might help me "create" something more innovative for a species/racial name.

Promises to keep, miles to go before I sleep... I have to call one place and see if I can reschedule an appointmene because Terror's home sick, then trust my brother to call back and maybe I can ask him if he can spare the thyme time to come down and take s to the Stony Brook Hospital emergency room.

I hate Terror to miss this much schol, but I hate even more that she's ni so much painand I can do nothing about it. I feel so d-mn helpless...

And of course, she chases me off the computer when she's awake. I won't get any critiques done oday, I think -- too much to do and not wanting to wake Terror too many times, well... I still have to watch Van Helsing too so I can return it to NetFlix.

I think that I wil visit LinksAPlenty first and try to find the link I want, see if I can't come upwith an appropriate name. Then I have to call and reschedule, and THEN I can go out for bread (dun'wanna, but I have to take a taxi because it's far too cold and I hobble far too slow with my cane).

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2. No Title For Me! ID #323176
Posted: 01-17-05 @ 10:40 pm EST [Edit] [Delete] [Restrict: None]

By the way, I did see the typos, but only after saving that first entry. I thought I had been so careful~! ;,;

1. My first (failed) entry ID #323174
Posted: 01-17-05 @ 10:37 pm EST [Edit] [Delete] [Restrict: None]

It didn't want to save the first time and so I lost a nice sized entry. *sob*

I only have one thing up == the page to writing flash fiction using bubble diagrams:

My first piece of flash fiction was written using that for a guide, jsut before taking an online course taught by Pam Casto on writing flash fiction. It was rejected once (I submitted it for consideratino to a literary anthology) saying the editor loved it but it didn't suit their needs for the anthology. I have several to submit, plus some marketing research to do, but I have to get through at least the next week or so first.

I remembered what else I wrote, now!For SW I already had the name of the character central to the series, since the whole thing began with his apprenticeship to one of the non-human races with very strict guidelines as to who could apprentice to one of their mages) one apprentice per mage per lifetime folks, of whatever species apprenticed to the mage: no exceptions.

Well, the short story from the Cosmic Unicorn that this was based on, the character was a fully-grown mage who happened to be an ogre, taking on three (and ultimately, four) apprentices (not being the same race as his own Master, the ogre-mage was allowed to do this after some considerable offscreen debate).

It turns out now that perhaps the race wasn't the right one for him (even tweaking can only take one so far), so I'm going to use the dictionary and thesaurus to try and create an entirely new character race that I can work with for him.

Writing is fun, isn't it?


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