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One Writer's Thoughtforms

          When I belonged for a short time to Al Manning's ESP lab (while the ESP lab was still in Karloffornia and not in the Midwest somewhere), they sent me a thoughtform called Charlie. Now IMO, a thoughtform is basically a thought that may start randomly, but grows to take on a life of its own. From a disembodied name, Charlie has a nickname now (Chas), has not-too-short, dark brown to black hair, brown eyes, and smokes a pipe. He's become the stereotypical writer's thoughtform (albeit in a starched white shirt and dark slacks, which he tends to favor).
          As writers, we give a form to our thoughts, so for me a thought form might have quite a different meaning from, say, yours. It's probably different from that of the ESP lab as well, since Chas was supposed to be a formless glob of unfocused positive energy.
          Another thoughtform I'll have to work on at some point is Terror's fault. See, she was still rather young then, and liked bedtime stories, and I started making them up on the fly. The protagonist was named Carrot, because he really loved to eat carrots. He was an orange dragon. ;-)
          For Chas and for Carrot, the essential roots are obvious: I'm a writer, and I happen to like dragons. At some point I'm also going to write about my red headed unicorn too--well, red maned, actually, but it amounts to pretty much the same thing, lol. No, he doesn't have freckles (at least, not yet).
          For every Yin, of course, you should really have a Yang in opposition. I tried that with Carrot, via the Evil Wizard, but Terror insisted on co-writing, and you know how kids are at a young age--she had Carrot become his friend and then the Evil Wizard became the Good Wizard because he'd not had a friend before, but now he had one. *grin*
          Silly, right?


"what's the reader's goal?"

And the most important question is, "what's the reader's goal?"

When a non-fiction book (especially a tech book) doesn't sell, or a training course isn't successful, it's often because the reader was on one end of the graph while the writer/course developer was on the other. Or because the author/teacher believed that giving information was the way to communicate knowledge and understanding.

This can also apply towards fiction.

Elizabeth Anne Ensley
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Yet Another Day

Ah, yes. As usual, Fred couldn't come out. I'm glad I didn't tell Terror. Well, we'll get that wireless card in, eventually, on our own. I just have to figure getting the screw loose without completely destroying the exterior framework of the computer.


My Big Test

Guess what?

I switched over my email address.

Now I just have to test it, and see if it's working properly.

That's the second time this happened.

               I received a telephone call from someone telling me that I won a five hundred dollar gift certificate to a mall. This was supposed to be a random prize for shopping at a mall. And of course, when I start asking questions, they hang up on me.
              No, I don't know if they'll ever ask for my bank account or credit card number, because I never let them get that far into the conversation. The calls are annoying though, because they always occur when I'm in the middle of something online.
               Spam, spam, spam, telephone spam, spam, spam. *sigh*


It's settled, then

          We now know why Aeris the kitten has a watery eye. She came beck from the veterinarian's office today with two medications for pink eye. Because of this, she can't receive her vaccinations this week. Assuming all goes well, she goes back for her shots in two weeks; and if she has a discharge of any kind, if the eye shows no signs of clearing up, then she goes back next week.
           Even without a proper word processing program, I managed to get the summary sentence and the one paragraph outline done (if not revised) for the first trilogy that I plan to write starting in January. The next phase will be the three page outline for each book (sticky, since I don't have a proper word processing program) and then the six page outline for each one. You know I'm going to BS my way through at least part of each one, but I can revise the outlines later, at need.
            And how was your Millenium, so far?