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It's settled, then

          We now know why Aeris the kitten has a watery eye. She came beck from the veterinarian's office today with two medications for pink eye. Because of this, she can't receive her vaccinations this week. Assuming all goes well, she goes back for her shots in two weeks; and if she has a discharge of any kind, if the eye shows no signs of clearing up, then she goes back next week.
           Even without a proper word processing program, I managed to get the summary sentence and the one paragraph outline done (if not revised) for the first trilogy that I plan to write starting in January. The next phase will be the three page outline for each book (sticky, since I don't have a proper word processing program) and then the six page outline for each one. You know I'm going to BS my way through at least part of each one, but I can revise the outlines later, at need.
            And how was your Millenium, so far?