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National Novel Writing Angst

     Well, Samhain's around the bend. Hallowe'en (or Halloween, depending on your geographical location) is Monday, and at the witching hour... I don't know if I'll be awake to start to write, but you never know.
     We Have Candy; We Have Candy. We're prepared this year. I hope that we don't run out of candy again before the day is done. I felt so bad last year, having to post that note on the door before nightfall. With luck the two meager (large) bags I managed to buy will be suffucuent. I should have bought a third, though, jsut in case.
     I also managed to get a 26 oz. can of Chock Full O Nuts coffee. With the 13 ounce Maxwell Huose can, perhaps that will see me though November. That, and the very, very large box of powdered milk. My story changed again on me earlier today, so it now looks as if the prequel will also be a trilogy. Why can I not think of a simple story, rather than long and involved ones? I wonder if I should put this aside and work on Swain's World again instead? At least I have that story organized enough, that I know what the first book will be about without having it grow backwards on me (a lot of my story ideas tend to do that, you see). It's finished maturing so at least it will be wasier to begin writing without mutating on me.
     Why can't life be simple? See Spot run. See Spot run to the dragon. See Spot bite the dragon. Does the dragon bite back? The dragon does not bite back. Does the dragon shoot fire? No ,the dragon does not shoot fire. What does the dragon do? The dragon runs away. The dragon is hiding. The dragon hides from Spot. The dragon is scared of Spot. Why is the dragon scared of Spot? Spot bit the dragon.
     Grr... Brain rot. XD
     Alan Rickman, I do hope you're oaky. I don't know if you intentionally lost a spot of weight for the role of Severus Snape this year or not, but you are quite noticeably thinner. We do need you for the movies, you know (not jsut for the Harry Potter ones [I despise changing actors in the middle of a series if it can be avoided] but you're also quite funny. Yes, I've seen Galazy Quest and Dogma [and every time I think of the latter, I want to say "I'm Sorry My Karma Ran Over Your Dogma--tooo used to the button at the cons lol]).
     Well, that's all for this update, my droods. O My Brothers. It's been Horrorshow.