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Seven Days and Counting

          Seven days, approximate, until the start of National Novel writing Month.
          Seven more  days until the insanity begins.
          Six more days to try to stock up on Hallowe'en candy.
          I should go offline soon. I managed to write approximately 2.5k yesterday and I want to do the same today.
          I don't want to see GoF in the movie theater. I am pampered by the books, which have richer detail then the theatrical releases, and this movie looks to be the worst offender yet. This is nothing against Alan Rickman, or against  Dan Radcliffe or Rupert Grint or Emma Watson or any other actor in the movies. This is a matter of personal preference. Give me a few years to get used to the idea of Severus Snape not showing off his Dark Mark like he does in the book first, then I might be able to watch it on the telly (the one with the non-exploding ceramic penguin atop it) without flinching.
          Have a pleasant day.
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