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Conversation/Dialogue With A Muse

Well you don't [b]have[/b] yo have a msue, or even a conversation with one, but it would still be kind of funny...

WRITER: Oh, I have nothing to write.

MUSE: coffee?

WRITER: Woe is me.

MUSE: /grumbles and gets up/ I'll get my own cup then, shall I?

WRITER: /head on desk, fist slams surface/ Where am I going to find my NaNo idea?

MUSE: /from kitchen/ Ah, where do you keep the cups in this palce? I can't find them.

WRITER: Woe is me...

MUSE: Just write then. Yuo know that msot of the persiration comes before the inspiration.

WRITER: Maybe I should jsut give up.

MUSE: Would you just give up and write already? Yeesh.

WRITER /lightbulb  goes off over head/ Ah! I know! A cup of coffee writes its first novel!

MUSE: .....