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Seven Lucky Gods of Japan

From: Rowan Silverwing

Just something I found on the net.....thought it might be interesting for & light Rowan

Seven Lucky Gods of Japan

The happy god of wealth is the patron of the farmers who disseminates happiness and good humour.

The god of contentment and happiness.

The god of longevity and carries a holy scroll containing all the wisdom of the world.

The only female deity among the seven. Represents art, literature, music and eloquence. Plays "Biwa", her favourite instrument.

The deity of fishermen, seamen, ships, and honest dealing.

The Chinese philosopher, who lives on the "mists of heaven and the dews of earth", is able to prophesy events and performs miracles to benefit mankind.

The god of war, is always clad in armour. The small pagoda he carries implies that he is also a religeous personality who is detemined to conquer the Evil.