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We Who Are About To Fly...

        Well, it's official.
        I took an hour aside and divided it into two loads. I plan on watching no television until this evening, bot even the Winx Club (I have found this cartoon rather addictive, much to Terror's chagrin). Yes, it is a Sailer Moon-type plot - ordinary girl  learns she has a special quality that sets her apart from her old life and rings in the new, eventually learnign that she's a princess after she falls in love with a prince that she's had a relationship with before actually finding out he's a prince (in other words, after he kind of sort of lied to her to protect himself, or had amnesia). It also mixes in elements of both Harry Potter (the school of magic) and Dragon Ball (the Dragon Fire, a mysterious power, the full properties of which we, the viewers, know not yet).
        It's interesting to study how they put the plot together, what motivations bring the characters (Bloom is the main protagonist with the rest of the Winx Club - Flora, Stella, Musa and Tecna. They're all fairies who go to Alfea (that is how they spell it on the official site). Tey ave one friend who's transferring over from Cloud Tower School for Witches. I don't remember her name right now but she spent a good part of season one as a pumpkin after she tried to warn Bloom that Icy, Darcy and Stormy were trying to trick her out of the Dragon Fire.


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