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Marathon The Eighteenth I Am...

          Today is Monday.
          Friday I finished my weekly goal of 2600 words a day, five days a week (12,500, bringing my grand total so far this month to 27,500 words).
          I left two days per week free to do other things: watch DVDs, play house, go shopping, all that fun minutiƦ of life that we cannot subsist without.
          What do I end up doing over the weekend?
          I meant to write 2500 ords for each day, but only made it up to around 4k this weekend. I will catch the total up next weekend.
          What I was working on was not my project for the World's Strongest Writer Marathon. It was, however, related: and only when I finish everything that I want to write on it will I see if I can synthesize the separate-but-related books into one coherent story. Write first, edit later.
                    (from yesterday:)
          It would stand to reason.
          You see, I gave myself weekends off for the World's Strongest Writer Marathon so that I would be able to catch up with any writing that I might have missed during the week. The whole purpose of it was to give myself some freedom for shopping, movies, and the like.
          Guess what? You know what I am doing with my weekend now?
          That's right.
          See, I have this one character who's a demon and in many ways he's critical to the plot. Well, I decided to write from his viewpoint. Just this weekend, mind you, though I might do it again next weekend, too. It's not the human (or Christianity, or Judaic, or anyone else's) concept of demon either, but a fictional one, one that treats them more like air elementals. That does not preclude the existence of another class, of course, but that's the one I am using in TLGM.
          My justification for this is a simple one. You see, he goes through at least one major change in the story, and his story starts off from that change. I thought it would be interesting to write from his perspective and get his reactions to things.
          Ooh, does he have a set of problems to overcome.. He goes through a major change of perspective later, too. You see, right now, he does not think too highly of humanity. One essentially kidnapped him from his home without asking him, this poor demon who never did anything to the human in question, and first imprisoned him in a bottle, and then forced him to become part of a spell binding another human, to a magick prison. See, he's the key part of the prison, so to speak. The other human he's in contact with is of course the one imprisoned, the story's major antagonist.
          Why can life not ever be simple? AAUGH!