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Swain's world (The Cosmic Unicorn #1); A Day in the Life (Alternate Hilarities #3); The Lawnmower that Ate Manhattan (NIEKAS, I forget the issue); Spring Cleaning (Sound Waves); Shadow Play (The Parasitorium II: Parasitic Sands, 2007); Crow's Feat (Free Fall (February, 2007) Oh, and Obligatory Holly Lisle Affiliate Link for writing workshops and stuff.


Updates on Auntie NaNoWriMo's Old Blues

               My blurty and LiveJournal profile pages are constantly updated with my count total, just FYI, but so far it stands at 8571. Yes, I know it's pathetic, but at least I finally started writing again.
               Now I think I'll go eat something before I croak. I'm getting offline now anyway, got more to write.
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