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Cats: Mighty Hunters of the Jung--err, housefold.

        Well, the cat is on its way.
        Just when I thought Terror had forgotten. *grin*
        Actually, the shelter called here to make sure I was oaky with the cat. Snice Coral already asked me, I'd think that was a moot point, lol. They also got the number for the main office too.
        Why would I have a problem? Terror's the one who will pay cat support. XD
        Oh, and yes, Rachel promised to bring her digital camera so we can get a picture of the furry bundle of joy to share with y' all.

        Cat carrier.
        * Check.
        Cat toys.
        * Check.
        Cat food.
        * Check.
        SCratchnig post.
        * Check.
        Litter box.
        * Check.
        Food and water dishes.
        * Check.
        Kitty litter.
        * Check.
        Kitty litter mat.
        * Check.
        Kitty food and water dish mat.
        * Check.
        Kitty snacki-poos.
        * Check.
        Mom's approval.
        * Check.
        Tranquilizer gun.
        oo;; Tranquilizer gun?
        In case it tries to eat someone.
        Hey, it's a kitten, not a tiger.
        You've played with a kitten?
        Yes, but--
        Small difference, sometimes.