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Obligatory NaNoWriMo Posty

          I've decided this year to aim for 3k per day, for a grand total of 90k for the month. I'm working on an outline where I put the chapter number, lsit three things I want to accomplish in the chapter, and then list three reversals/obstacles which will delay or negate completion of those accomplishments. Hey, outlines can change while you're writing anyway, so this should prove intersting. I only jsut started on chapter two's outline, but I'm thinking I'll have a prologue and then a few interludes. Yes, I know prologues are usually unnecessary and annoying; but the prologue and the interludes will be from my antagonist's point of view. The story itself needs that PoV to flesh things out, and I feel that the prologue, interldues, and perhaps an epilogue might be in order. both for a segue into the next book and just because I feel like it. ;-) I want to use the terminology for bits that I feel are essential to furthering the plot of the story, but which cannot be told in the main portions.
          Also, I feel that it may well amuse some readers. I do have an unovened sense of humor. ;-)


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