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World's Strongest Writer Marathon & Other Distractions Outstanding

               I managed to use the weekend to catch up with Friday's 2500 words and even went slightly over that count. Still, the story is off ot a good start and I know what I'll write tomorrow. If I add this to - what's the cumulative total so far, 38k? That's a total word count of 40.5k, approximate, since  the separate word total for TWSWM is compatible with and in addition to both SummerWriMo and NaNoWriSum (and even the lj community nano_summercamp).
               I also dug through my files and not only found the original version of Spring Cleaning (which appeared in my campus literary magazine around 1980), but also dug up a few other short odds and ends which can be reworked and revamped - reedited and revised for possible submission, assuming they turn out well enough.
               I also found my MST3K fanfic and copies of my old poetry, which I'll post to Streaming Meemies, along with a link to one revision which I posted on this blog earlier in its existence.
               My sister Mary went to Hawaii anyway, even with a staph infection which is resistant to antibiotics. She's an adult, it's her prerogative, but my sister Rose is worrying herself sick over it. Rose also worries about Eddie and his wife Diane, who so far has not been able to enter the country thanks to the Patriot Act. The powers that be told Ed to stay out of it since it's none of his business, but he's her husband so it is his business. It's all very strange, and part of a growing isolationist party on the part of President Bush and a select number of Republicans - at least, that is how I see it. Splitting apart a family (Ed's wife is from Ecuador anyway - is that supposed to be a hotbed of terrorist activity?)
               I despise politics.


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