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No-Frills Synopsis, Outline, Plot Summary Notes

Writing the Tight (Bare Bones) Synopsis
By Beth Anderson © 2001
Workshop Presentation at Autumn Authors' Affair XIV

The gist of this presentation:

The Three Sentence Outline Synopsis
1. One sentence: what is your book about?
2. One sentence: How does it begin?
3. One sentence: How does it end?

The One Page Synopsis
Using those three sentences as your base, build a one-page summary of your plot.

You can expand it further: the article mentions this patterning of pages (separate files) ranging from

* Three sentence.
* One page.
* Three pages.
* Six pages.
* Eight pages.
* Ten pages.
* Twelve pages (maximum).
This did seem helpful and concise: I decided to post my summary to serve as a reminder - and maybe to help someone out in a pinch who just appens to be reading this posting.


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