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Groggy Update

I'm dedicating myself today to do Tarot layouts for the stories, mainly the story arc. I also have some papers to fill out. I might get some writing done, but this story arc prewriting thing, I need to do for myself. I have general ideas but this should help me clarify them.

I'm going to try it. With eight separate viewpoints, eight separate characters and eight separate novels that I'm working on all at the same time, eight individual stories that are part on one whole story-well... *yawn* I'm insane, that must be the only reason I'm trying it.  At least when they're all done I can pick and choose exactly what I want to do, including taking whole parts and adapting them to author omniscient.

Even if I do have to take some scenes verbatim from one vp and adapt them to another's. *sigh*

I am not awake.....

Elizabeth Anne Ensley


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