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I've been thinking that maybe 400k might be a bit much for me to wrap my brain around, this early in the century; so instead of working on the story from two different locations I'll do one location at a time. I think it's going to start from the antagonist's kingdom, since that's where Luk, Rowan and Penn are - and eventually Pahil. Come to think of it, that's mostly where Pahil is, although Luk's story changes over to Thorne's Holde eventually. I think I'll just concentrate on the beginning and work it out as I go: this is part of what's held  my writing still, thinking about all this.

I managed to finish a part for one rr I'm in, a HP/Gremlins crossover (don't knock fanfic, it can be a good exercise in creativity - and I try to inject at least some plot into parts I write, even where none seems to be wanted per se LOL).

I need coffee now, and maybe even a nap. *sigh*


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