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Growl, snarl, grr.

08:06 pm - Growl, snarl, grr.

          My left hand and arm have been in a great deal of pain all day.

          I have also been very foolish, killed myself moving my computer system to the living room (where it should have gone in the first place, thank you Rose and everyone who moved me into the flat last year!) and I managed ot get t least the power supply and the monitor hooked up correctly. Not so the mouse, prolly the keyboard, msot definitely the printer. Hey, at least it was all on wheels. The monitor base, however, isn't stable. It's a cheap plastic thing which fell apart and it defies all attempts to put it back together. The monitor proper is precariously balanced between the edge of the desk proper (a recessed shelf usually holds the monitor) and the original cheap stand.

          I write better with the television on. I am A Very Strange Person. There is no television in the bedroom. Thre is a television in the living room.
          Sore, tired, hungry. Food, TV, W.I.T.C.H. (animated program)and then, perhaps, bed. I will try to readjust my computer tomorrow, in broad daylight.

          And yes, I'm using Terror's to go online. I always use Terror's to go online. Why? Because the wireless network is not working (not that it matters because for all intents and purposes at the moment my computer is not working).

          Darn. Wanted to get some writing done tonight.



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