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Well, I did write  a bit, so far. I really need to pick up the pace for NaNo summer camp. *sigh*

Did you ever have one of those weekends where things just went strange? I was editing some older shorts last night with an eye towards sending them out; but since we had company I had to turn off the computer (which is now in the living room and Rachel slept on the couch. Still, while they both slept this morning I spent time in my bedroom doing a Tarot reading and then outlining the events and things for the first scene. I decided to start earlier in the story so the beginning is always so slow, when you already have a whole bunch of stuff written that you decided would be later in the story instead. My goal is the equivalent of eight 50k books, all one story, eight different viewpoints, and then it will be pruned, pared and reedited into one coherent whole. That's a total of 400k I'm aiming for.

Terror has a mattress under her bed for company but it never gets used. *sigh* Except when both Nep and Zeth were here last month, he slept on the couch and Nep got Terror's bed and Terror took the spare).

I decided on eight separate viewpoints because it's the best way to organize the action and then figure out which two viewpoints are the best. It can't be told from just one since the story happens in two separate and distinct locations to two different characters. I'm not going to say anything more than that because while the characters are separate and unique, while they are in two separate geographical locations, they're closer than they want to be and the story of one impacts upon the other in a major way.

"It don't get much better than this..."


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