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Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Clue?

          She thinks i'm jsut reading the Harry Potter series for my own enjoyment. Well, that's part of it; I also enjoy reading Tamora Pierce's series. See, I finally decided that's what I want to writ/am writing, trying to target the same audience. My reading and studying those books are an investment and investigation for me. Granted, parts of Ms. Pierce's books seem a bit too risquè for me to write similar for my characters, but on the whole they are put together rather well.
          I have laso seen the British cover for the HP book 6 and from some cues I see, I suspect that alchemy plays quite a role in it. You see, Albus Dumbledore and Nicholas Flamel were partners for awhile. Nicholas Flamel came up with the Philosopher's (Sorcerer's) stone in the HP books, the elixer of which can prolong life (imbibed indefinitely, it can lead to a sort of immortality where you depend upon the liquid excreted from it for continued survival). It can also produce gold.
           There does sem to be a lot of the water element and a few gold tones in it, that British cover. there als oseems to be a partnership thing going on with the two hands, and maybe even a shattered covenant or something (note the emblem on the ring).
          I wondered if, perhaps, Professor Dumbledore and Harry Potter are going to work together to try and create another Philosopher's Stone, if only for bait to lure Voldemort out of his hidey-hole.
          just wondering...
Elizabeth Anne Ensley


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