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...It Actually Worked, I Don't Believe It!

Greetings, Earthian. Apparently, after a prolonged keyboard battle, Blogger let me here ot post at long, long last. After a mighty and prolonged prosaic battle, noe in which the web browser indeed refused to browse or even to peeek, at least a teeny, tiny bit behind the typeface curtain, it has at last permitted me access to my Blogger account.

For that matter, it too me so lnog to get here to post something that I have quite forgotten what it was that I was going to say in the first palce--typical. o0;;



Blogger Liz said...

Of course it worked and of course you forgot, you nit. Just because the computer doesn't cooperate doesn't mean that it WANTS to cooperate.

I have ot go out and get some bread and milk later. No choice, we're out and Terror refuses to do it. *sigh*

8:12 AM  

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