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Cybernetic Requiem Redux?

     It seems that every time I turn off my computer that I have to defrag it or that it has errors tha trequite my immediate attention whenever I turn it on again.
     Last night, thanks to erosion of printer data and the fact that it would not overwrite existing files, I had to uninstall printer codes from my system and then reinstall them.
     Before reinstalling I of course diagnosed, scanend and defragged the fragging thing.
     The printer finally worked, although it too several reboots this morning to charge it up again--but it's still saying that there are errors where there should be none.
     I might just have to format the HD and start from scratch. *sigh*
     First things first: Fred brings his old computer ot me on Saturday, it's newer than the older system I have been using (plus it has a DVD-RWr, whee!). First we transfer the files over, especially the word processor, and then I can try it. If I can get it to work consistently, I do know someone who lives around here who needs a used internet ready system so it should fil lthe bill as a quick fix, if I can overcome thee mnior problems.
     I used to adore WordPerfect (until I saw 6.0 *shudder*). Now, I'm WAY too used to MSWord. Damn you, Bill Gates! The system's on every single computer. It doesn't even have a competent spelling / grammar chequer. I shouldn't think it would take tha mcuh of a leap to have it recognize that certain foreign words are names from their lcoatinos in a sentence o something.
     Also, it hics ion some of the more common words. I have blocked them out mentally right now (I don't want to think about them) but maybe I should start posting Annoying Word Professing Functions (or Malfunctions) here at some ponit. It might be a hoot.
     I'm the only one who reads my LJ anyway, LOL.
     Drawn Together tonight, Comedy Central. It sems as if they are going to tackle bonbdage humor now, from the commercials, but we'll see.
     (When is Snape's birthday anyway? Ms. Rowling?)


Blogger Angelle Trieste said...

That sounds terrible. Hopefully your computer problems will be fixed soon!

7:42 PM  
Blogger Liz said...

Thank you. I hope so too -- especially in enough time for me to finish my NaNoWriMo project while it's still November. Why is it that such things always seem to lurk in the shadows waiting to pounce at the most inopportune times?


9:20 PM  

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