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15minuteficlets picture challenge #17

Submission: Potter/humor
Rated G
Pairing: None
Summary: It's not late, I'm just sleepy, but this is what cropped into my head, this scene, short as it was. ;-)


      Noah Grey stretched out his paws from his perch and surveyed his domain. He was Cat. Humans served Him.
      That is, until Minerva McGonagall came into his life. Humans weren't usually so interesting, but this one was special.
      A cat who lived among humans as one of them. Once in awhile he asked himself 'why bother?' but he knew the answer to that question well enough. He felt the grasp of creeping tendrils of boredom too. There was just so much of the affection and devotion of humans that he could tolerate before he had to leave their presence for a quieter space.
      Yet this McGonagall--no, the name Minerva seemed to suit her better, it felt more properly feline to him. He had known another cat by that human-applied name once, a beautifu Siamese whose ocean-green eyes had made him think of freshly caught tuna.
      Ah, he could use some tuna now. He arched his back, letting Minerva stroke his back again before leaving in search of a saucer of milk. One day she would learn to live like a proper cat, he was sure of it, but until then he would relish her visits to his mistress.


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