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We Have Computer

     Fred made it out yesterday. I have the newer computer. It goes at warp speed compared to the one I had, even if the DVD/CD-RW does not work properly (it treats CD-RWs like CD-Rs so it's useless for saving my IP fics to until and unless I can figure out what's wrong).
     I did have to buy two new monitors. My old one broke while Fred kept switching the connection from one computer to the other, trying to transfer the files over; this process also took over four hours besides, since my old computer kept freezing up and dying in mid-transfer. We finally had to delete a whole bunch of program and data files until it finally decided to work.
     Ah, anyway, we bought the monitor, finished transferring the files over and then decided Terror should get the new monitor because it would be easier to read things online and I'd get the old one which was originally mine.
     When we switched monitors, the one which went on mine was too dark for me to see and we changing the brightness and contrast didn't do any good, so we had to go to Staples again and buy a second one, for my system. The cashier thought we were bringing the one back as a return but we told her no, we were there to buy a second one. ;-) (Just as well, because the design of the new monitor matches my newer computer system). That's $300 down the hole on my credit card but, if I am ever going to get any writing done, the expense is justified.
     Poor Fred. He had to play both tech and transport yesterday. ;-)


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