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We Have Deadline! We Have Deadline!

     Ah, how that sounds in relation to the horror genre. *grin* This is the message from one of the editors, Paul Grant.

----Original Message Follows----
From: "Paul Grant"

     Very true. I'd like everyone involved to send me their vote for the subtitle at paulgrant@d... and we'll get this debate wrapped up for good. You have until the end of the week (Saturday at 12AM PST) for your vote to count. Please put "Anthology Subtitle Vote" in the subject line.
     Also, I'd like to have the first drafts of the stories in no later than end of February, 2005. Please send them to paulgrant@d... with "Anthology Submission" in the subject line. I want them in MS Word format, single spaced and intended please, no extra lines between paragraphs.

-Paul Grant

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"It is not enough to succeed. Others must fail."
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--- End forwarded message ---

     This should be a lot of fun. ;-) (I know, I'm prolly one of the few people who calls writing and reading horror 'fun'. It is, though -- it's like a game that you know is surreal because it's not really real, although enough of it is based on reality to be plausible. Horror, like other forms of entertainment, is escapism, sometimes for the author as well as the reader.
     How Many Bad Things Can You Have Happen To Bad People Before It Wears Thin? How Many Bad Things Almost Very Nearly Happen To Good People Before They Die Or Catch Or Marry The Monster Or Axe Murderer Or -- well, you know. No need to digress further or engage in more silly overtones. ;-)


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