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Writing In General & Sanity Clauses In Particular

         I only have one thing up; the page to Writing Flash fiction Using Bubble Diagrams.
         My first piece of flash fiction was written using that for a guide, just before taking an online course taught by Pam Casto on writing flash fiction. It was rejected once (I submitted it for consideration to a literary anthology) with a return note saying the editor loved it but it didn't suit their needs for the anthology. I have several to submit, plus some marketing research to do, but I have to get through at least the next week or so first.
         For SW I already had the name of the character central to the series, since the whole thing began with his apprenticeship to one of the non-human races with very strict guidelines as to who could apprentice to one of their mages) one apprentice per mage per lifetime folks, of whatever species apprenticed to the mage: no exceptions.
         Well, the short story from the Cosmic Unicorn that this was based on, the character was a fully-grown mage who happened to be an ogre, taking on three (and ultimately, four) apprentices (not being the same race as his own Master, the ogre-mage was allowed to do this after some considerable offscreen debate).
         It turns out now that perhaps the race wasn't the right one for him (even tweaking can only take one so far), so I'm going to use the dictionary and thesaurus to try and create an entirely new character race that I can work with for him.
         Writing is fun, osn't it?


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