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43 Days and Counting

43 Days and Counting

Words are, of course, the most potential drug used by mankind.
- Rudyard Kipling

I am catching up on mundane matters before November. It's taking a bit of self-encouragement; but procrastination never wrote a bestseller. ;-)

Possible things to do, while preparing for November:

          Pre-cook things like stews and soups, and freeze them. This can also be done with pre-prepared meals, so that you don't have to resort to things like TV dinners. ;-)
          Stock up on snacks/brain food. When you're on a roll, you're not on a bagel. (Sorry: I can't resist a bad pun, or even a good one.) Same goes for beverages--or make sure you have enough coffee/tea to last for a bit. Basically, it's like stocking up for a fall-out shelter, only this time it's for NaNoWriMo, rather than radiation levels (I know: to some folks, there's little difference, lol).
          Carpool arrangements for getting your child to school.
          Don't worry about hiring anyone to walk your dog or cat, or ferret, or aardvark: getting away for a walk might actually help you write, when you're stuck on something; it gives you a chance to mull events over, at least subconsciously.
          Above all, have fun with what you're writing. By this, I mean, torture your characters to tell a story. Wait, that didn't sound right... lol. Character conflcit is rather important to tell a good tale, though; give your character things, obstacles, to overcome. Sometimes, thinking about these can actually be fun, and can be gratifying when your character does finally win out, in the end.


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