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[NaNoWriMo] 35 Days & Counting

I heard Sinclair Lewis say to his son, "Don't write what you know-you'll run out of material!" It always fascinated me.
- Fay Wray

Trying to keep up with some things and catch up with others, during the days preceding NaNoWriMo, is going to be the death of me; especially with people who want to argue the possibility of detectives in Harry Potter. I'm going to concentrate more on my pre-story, and try to deal with things as they come up, because they will inevitably come up in the NaNo itself, and the minimum of 1,776 words per day (though I'll aim for more, since I plan for two free days per week--I inevitably need them) won't leave much time to gather these details; if I do it now, that leaves more free time for writing. Not revising, though, that only comes after the month's done.


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