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                    “I hope Josaaph makes it in time,” Dariin said. She looked in the mirror over the phone table to make sure that her dark brown hair stayed bound, so it wouldn’t get into the food. When she saw Valeron going to check the chicken, she said, “Stay away from that! We don’t want you shedding in it.” Valeron didn’t tidy his mop for cooking, and she always had to remind him of it.
                    Valeron put the kettle on for tea. "Are you sure that's what she said? It seems an extravagant thing to do, just for National Novel Writing Month."
                    "I'm sure. She's plotting to spend next year's NaNo on Phobos. " Dariin smoothed the tablecloth, then went to pull the dishes out so that she could set the places for supper. "Personally, I think she would have been better off sitting in a Barnes and Noble, wearing a bunny suit."
                    "What, no chicken suit?"
                    "That's been done already."
                    When it whistled., Valeron pulled the tea kettle from the stove. He poured the water on to the pills in the bowls,. Each one reconstituted itself into a bowl of Boston clam chowder. "I think she'll miss the soup," he mused.


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