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Just another MEME

1. What food could you not live without?
     Does it have to be only one? Chocolate nad coffee. There are so many different kinds of coffee, one of my favorites is mocha raspberry. The 7-11 in East Quogue stopped selling cups of it but the local 7-11 carries it again, I'm so happy. ;-)

2. What food absolutely disgusts you?
     LIMA BEANS! I don't like the taste or the texture. There are prolly others but I can't think of them at the currant thyme current time. Ah, yes, plum Pretz too (although I enjoy most Pocky and Pretz. the shrimp pretz is exceptionally good and the milk Pocky is very very good, though my favorite still is the choco Pocky).

3. Why did you start an online journal?
     Everybody else is doing it LOL. I think of it as an amusing hobby or toy, much as any other pasttime, although encouragement towards writing and literacy is IMHO A Good Thing.

4. What other online journals inspire you?
     I enjoy 3ominutefics on LJ. Granted, it's for a fandom (Harry Potter), but the writing prompts can apply to most any aspect of fiction. Of course, my being a Harry Potter (or rather, Severus Snape [and no, it's because of Snape's characterization, not because of Alan Rickman, thanks for asking]) might have explained how and why I found the community in the first place LOL.

5. How about humiliating junior high stories?
     I was kicked out of school in the third grade either for violating The Adult Conspiracy or for writing across the page with both hands whe nthe tacher asked me to speed things up whilst writing (I don't remember, so asking me is no good) and did not return to 'normal' academia until the eleventh grade, so I technically have no rmbarrassing junior high school stories, sicne I never attended middle school at all.

6. Have you ever been kicked out of a movie theatre? A bar? A Mall?
     No, though software has arbitrarily kicked me out of chat every once in awhile.

7. Have you ever shoplifted?
     When I was an adolescent, although I was never caught. It's not something I would have done later in life.

8. How do you feel NOW about online journaling?
     As opposed ot how I felt THEN? The entire experience is rather interesting, thus far -- and considering that I'm finding people who share more than one of my interests, I'd say that's A Positive Thing. The moral support too is A Good Thing.

9. How do you feel about your readers?
     Readers? @@;; I have Readers?

10. Do you feel guilty about long absences?
     Who doesn't?

11. Do you make up excuses so that you don't "have" to journal?
     Not yet LOL.

12. What do your friends think about your online journaling?
     Well, I guess people like it so far. We've shared MEMEs (I'm still not entirely clear on what they are, LOL -- is that My Entire Memory Encoded, or something?), if that counts.

13. How do you think your journaling has changed your life?
     It's been more fun than not doing it.


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