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Exercise: Write A Character That You Really, Really Hate

      This exercise involves a character profile. It can be in poetic, free verse or chart form. ;-)
      What do you hate in a character? What characteristics do you disdain, despise and otherwise despair of liking? Write a profile of a character that you can really, really hate.
      Not, take this character with all the traits, etcetera, that you hate, and give the character a redeeming feature. Does he or she write poetry, paint, bake cookies for orphans, help little old ladies across the street, and watch cartoons? Choose one activity or hobby that you love -- and give it to the despicable character that you've just written up.
      Can you think of a scene which might be as much at odds with the main persona of him or her and this secret, hidden good thing about him or her? Try to write one. How does he or she manage to talk themselves out of being painted a good person or "not all bad"?
      Have fun!

Elizabeth Anne Ensley.


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