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Lunacy III

                   When the phone rang, both Valeron and Dariin started. They stared at it. Once, twice, three times, it rang.
                    “Why don’t you get the phone, Val?” Dariin turned back to the stove. Four rings. “I have to check and make sure you didn’t mess up my supper.”
                   Five rings.
                    “Ha, ha. Very funny, Da,” Valeron said. “Let’s wait for the machine to pick up before we do. We don’t need a telemarketer telling us what we need, right now.” Six rings. “Not that they’d know, of course, but it’s annoying.”
                   Seven rings.
                    “Not a telemarketer, then. They usually stop at five.” Still, Valeron made no move ot pick up the phone. Dariin rushed to get it. “They really need to sell you a sense of humor. Hell, I would buy it for you. Just point me to the website.”
                   Valeron smirked. Everyone knew he hated getting the phone anyway. Better to let supper overcook, or burn, rather than answer it.
                   Dariin snarled at him and then picked up the phone. She checked the Caller ID. It was Josaaph’s cell. “Jo, hi!” Valeron moved to take the phone from Dariin, but she slapped his hand away. “What? Press conference? I understand.”


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