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Two More Nights

I got this from dopeydora_67's LJ:

What Will snapes_angel Get ?
Christmas Gift Oracle
Big wooly jumper knitted by Mrs. Weasley
Pair of Socks from Dumbledore
Bottle of Whiskey from Mr. Filch
Cd from freddok1
Something Cuddly from Rubeus Hagrid
Butterbeer from Dobbie
Something Silly from davidltamarin
Something Funny from knight0fswords
Lump of coal from Tom Riddle
Something Pretty from black_angel_hp
Something Sexy from Lucius Malfoy
Something Naughty from
Remus Lupin
Something Smelly from Melvin Seadragon
Something Breakable from hanaheart
Something Useful from Minerva McGonagall
Something not useful from valiant_scribe
the Kama Sutra from Severus Snape
Gringott's Account from Cornelius Fudge
Auror training from Mad-Eye Moody
An autographed autobiography from Gilderoy Lockhart
Something Geeky from hanaheart


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Well, I note that the tree is missing LOL.

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