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Well, the Holly Daze's Here

     It must be December. It's only 6 days until Mom's birthday; she would have been pushing 80 instead of pushing daisies on the twenty-sixth. That's also the seventh anniversary (I think) of the one and only time I failed the road test, memorable because it was the only time I ever took the road test (they wouldn't let me out of the hospital when I was scheduled to take it a second time). I failed gloriously, accelerating instead of braking and pummeling headlights-first into a snow bank on the three point turn. Talk about seeing steam come out of someone's ears. *laugh*
     Trust me; I'm staying off the road. My leg's too stiff now anyway; also, when you confuse your rights and lefts like me, do you really have any business behind the wheel of a car?
     I didn't think so.
     Saturday, Joan is coming all the way from Hempstead to pick us up and take us in for dinner at Bill and Mary's. I wonder if I'll end up sleeping through most of it, like I did during Thanksgiving at Bob and Rose's? Ed's calling from Ecuador around 2. He's only been married a few months now (he only knew her less than two weeks before they were engaged; but since he stayed at a matchmaker's house there while on vacation and the lady was her 35 year old sister, well...)
     I'm happy for Ed and I hope it works out for the. It should, since matchmakers/marriage brokers usually know their business, but it never hurts to wish them well. I'm not sure what her name is but I'll get a handle on it eventually. See, it was all sudden-like and a surprise, and he had a bad marriage and a divorce before (and I only just found out that his ex was an alcoholic as well as a spendthrift) so if this all works out for him (and for them) then so much the better, even if she spoke little English and he little Spanish when they met, got engaged and then married. Six days instead of six months for the church waiting period in Ecuador.
     Me? I'm not sure I'll trust anyone well enough to remarry, not hat anyone would want to marry me LOL. I'm not "marketable" enough. *snigger*


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