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Today is the start of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo)

     I haven't started yet (checking mail and things first), but I know my writing goal for today and plan to meet it. First things first, like coffee. ;-) I am not quite awake yet, so... I still have ot call the school too. It may be senior cut day, like Terror says, but still.....
     I know where I'm going with TLGM. I have narrowed the outline to one viewpoint, figured out which story is the most pressing to tell. Lots more interesting stuff happens too, but I can always write them in separate books or novellas or shorts. The important thing is to write the one book from the one character's viewpoint. It's good practice for when I finally get restarted on SW.
     Don't let anyone tell you that writing is easy. It's not, it jsut seems that way sometimes. It's like you're the God or Goddess of your own little universe and even you have to learn when to let characters die. So that kind of makes you a Deity-in-Training.
     Now I'd better get the H-ll off the board for now so I don't go sticking my hoof in my mouth again (o, I do so love horsing around, without neighsaying....).


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