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Anarchical Musings

     My computer is actually working today. Before working on my novel, I'm backing up some Very Important Documents (i.e., short stories and the like). At least I have a backup computer, if all else fails: Terror's old system (not to mention a cheap little notebook, but Terror's old system has a modem and that one doesn't).

Knock, knock.

     I think I'm doing rather well for NanoWriMo, all things considered. I have written more on the story now than in the past couple of years. I might actually stand a chance of finishing it this month!

Who's there?

     Coral's going to be home very soon. She plans to go to a community college in upstate New York. She asked if I would be mad at her if she left me all alone. I told her that, no matter where she is, she's still my Baby Bunny and I'll always be with her (in spirit, anyway).


     I'm spending quite a bit of time writing in my online journals, aren't I? It actually helps me think right now, which what I need. Time to consider plots, timelines, and the like. Also to daydream about coffee. Cafè mocha. Raspberry mocha (my favorite). (I despise hazelnut LOL). Cinnamon vanilla. French market coffee, mellowed with chicory. Brown Gold Columbian coffee. *sigh* Earl Grey Tea. (Yes, I know it's not coffee, but I indulge now and again. I also like mint and licorice teas).

Modem who?

     I enjoy my online time. I like writing stream-of-consciousness. I like writing fiction. I enjoy living other people's lives writing about fictional people that I would perhaps like to meet because they are interesting but who I prolly wouldn't stand a snowball's chance in Hades of talking with.

Modem computers fall for this joke than any other.

     I'll be able to revise my word count total for tomorrow. Hallelujah! Now I just need to win the Publisher's Clearing House sweepatakes LOL.


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